Morris & Co tiles

Photo of overmantel with Morris tiles in Old Hall
This overmantel decorated with tiles painted by Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. was installed over the fireplace in Old Hall in 1864. It was modified in 1873 by the addition of tiles depicting the two foundress queens.

The painted tiles depict: the two foundress queens, the two patron saints, the Angel of Night, the Angel of Day, and a Labour of the Month for each of the twelve months.

In 1875, a wooden canopy was added over the panel of tiles.

Key to the tiles over the fireplace
of Anjou
of Night
of Day
    Jan. Feb. Mar.    
      St Bernard     St Margaret      
Apr.   May   June   July   Aug.   Sep.   Oct.   Nov.   Dec.

Margaret of AnjouElizabeth WoodvilleLeft: Margaret of Anjou as Queen. Recognisable by the daisies (marguerites) in her dress.

Right: Elizabeth Woodville as Queen. Her costume and jewellery are modelled on those in the much-copied portrait.

Both these were designed by Ford Madox Brown in 1873, and added to the earlier tiles.

St BernardSt MargaretLeft: St Bernard, designed by Burne-Jones.

Right: St Margaret, designed by Rossetti.

Angel of NightAngel of DayLeft: Angel of Night

Right: Angel of Day

Both designed by Morris.

JanuaryFebruaryLeft: January, designed possibly by Burne-Jones, or possibly by Morris.

January is personified by the two-headed god Janus: the old head looks back to the old year, and the young head looks forward to the new year.

Right: February. Warming designed by Burne-Jones.

A young woman reads a Valentine card while warming herself in front of a fire, accompanied by a black cat.

MarchAprilLeft: March. Pruning, designed by Ford Madox Brown.

A man sits on a tree branch, pruning. Beneath him, a white owl sits in a hole in the tree.

Right: April, designed by Morris.

A woman walks in a meadow of flowers, wearing a wreath of leaves, and holding a branch.

MayJuneLeft: May. Falconry, by Ford Madox Brown.

A woman holds a falcon, accompanied by a dog.

Right: June. Mowing, by Morris.

A man sharpens his scythe with a stone.

JulyAugustLeft: July. Reaping, designed either by Morris or by Rossetti.

Right: August. Threshing, designed by Rossetti.

SpetemberOctoberLeft: September. Vintaging, designed by Rossetti.

A woman pours a bucket of new-picked grapes into a barrel.

Right: October. Feeding pigs, designed by Burne-Jones.

A woman shakes acorns from a tree to feed the pigs below.

NovemberDecemberLeft: November. Sowing, designed by Ford Madox Brown.

Right: December. Slaugtering a pig, designed either by Ford Madox Brown or by Rossetti.

Note: all photographs on this page were taken before the cleaning of 2005.


See the William Morris Gallery for pictures of similar tiles.

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