Lodge Essex Bedroom

This bedroom is in the storey above the Essex Chamber, in the Essex Wing of the President’s Lodge.

Photo of bedroom in the Essex Wing
This was, for centuries, the President’s bedroom, until, in the late 20th century, a bedroom in the riverside building became preferred. Since then, this has been the premier guest-room of the Lodge.

This view is taken from the entry door, looking north-east. The bay window looks north over the Lodge garden, the small window on the right looks east over Walnut-Tree Court, and the large window on the extreme left looks west along the northern elevation of the Long Gallery, towards the river.

Photo of bedroom in the Essex WingA view of the same bedroom, looking south-east.

The panelling is somewhat simpler than that of the Long Gallery, and the Essex Chamber below, but of the same period, around 1600. The decoration of the panelling above the fireplace is a little similar to that of the Playroom.

On the right, note the semi-circular decorated arch of the door-frame, which is similar to other such arched door-frames in the Essex Wing, and they all seem to pre-date the panelling.

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