Fundraising Priorities & Projects

Please use our online donation form to make a secure donation by card or direct debit. Please note that unless you indicate otherwise, we have to assume that your donation is for the Unrestricted Fund.


Unrestricted Fund

Unrestricted funds give Queens’ the flexibility to continue to fulfil its important obligations and meet new challenges. Each year the College invests over £7 million in the education it provides.

Student Support

Student support funds ensure Queens’ can provide a world class education in a caring, supportive and inclusive environment to undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Subject fund endowments - £100,000-£400,000 depending on size of subject
  • Undergraduate support - Cambridge Fee Bursaries (£3,500 p.a. for one student for three years)
  • Postgraduate support - full (£35,000-£50,000 p.a., endowed at £1m +) and partly-funded (up to £15,000 p.a.) postgraduate studentships
  • Prizes - £5,000 to endow a £100-£150 prize
  • Extracurricular support - travel grants (£500 p.a., endowed at £30,000), named sports bursaries (£25,000 endowment), endowment of any major sports club or society (£100,000+)

Teaching & Research

The endowment of University Teaching Officer positions (£870,000 from October 1st 2023) and College Teaching Officer positions (£4.2m from October 1st 2023) help us sustain the supervision system and provide a career path for young academics.


Buildings funds help us provide comfortable and subsidised accommodation, as well as modern and well-equipped libraries and study spaces for our students.


The College’s endowment allows us to maintain our independence as a first rate, research-led, teaching organisation for the best and brightest students, irrespective of background.

Current Projects

The Mairi Hurrell Fund (for the mental & physical health of students)

For all these projects, please contact the Alumni & Development Office by email.

Donor Recognition

Benefactors in Old Library

Queens’ is greatly appreciative of every gift we receive. Our donors are mentioned in our Floreat Domus (though donors are of course welcome to remain anonymous) and we personally thank each donor with a letter. Additionally, donors are occasionally invited to special events in College. Those who give towards an endowed fund, spend-down fund, a Fellowship, bursaries and studentships will receive an annual stewardship report where possible.

Donors who give a gift regularly to the College will become members of our 1448 Society.

Those who choose to include Queens’ in their will and inform us of such will become members of our Arthur Armitage Society. Please click on the links below for more information on these societies.

We honour donors who give £10,000 (net) or more in the two years preceding the annual Commemoration & Ceremony of Benefactors and Benefactors’ Feast. These donors will be eligible to receive an invitation, annually for three years, to this lavish ceremony and feast where they will be personally thanked by the President.

Exceptional philanthropy is recognised many ways, including through room naming, hanging portrait photographs or recognition on our Major Benefactors’ Plaque in the Porters' Lodge.

In addition, donors who give £1,000,000 (net) are elected as a Fellow Benefactor. Fellow Benefactors also receive membership of the Guild of Cambridge Benefactors.