Fellow Benefactors

The President, Fellows, and students of Queens’ College have, throughout our history since 1448, been deeply appreciative of the benefaction which founded the College and has sustained it since. In the 21st century, we are more than ever conscious of the continuing benefaction from Queens’ members and friends that maintains the College in excellence now, and will take it into the future.

Photographs from the Benefactors' Service and Feast in 2023

Current Fellow Benefactors of Queens' College

  • Mr Nicholas Blain (1987)
  • Dr Robert Cripps
  • Dr Shirley Day
  • Mrs Jamie El-Erian
  • Sir Demis Hassabis (1994 & Hon Fellow)
  • Mr John Reece (1975)
  • Mr Chris Rokos
  • Mr Eugene Shvidler
  • Mrs Catherine Thomas
  • Tun Dr Daim Zainuddin
  • Mrs Naimah Khalid
  • Mr Amir Bin Daim (2014)
  • Mr Amin Bin Daim
  • Mr Trevor Bradley (1989)
  • Mr Stephen Farrant (1956)

Late Fellow Benefactors of Queens' College

  • Prof Alan Day (1942)
  • Mr Edward Cripps
  • Mr Lester Rowley (1937)

The Governing Body formally acknowledges those who are substantial benefactors through the established position of Queens’ Fellow Benefactor. Names of those individuals who are proposed to become Fellow Benefactors are submitted, in the first instance, by the President or any Fellow of the College, to the Fellowships Committee for consideration. The Fellowships Committee will make recommendations to the Governing Body for their decision. The criteria for consideration is a substantial lifetime gift to the College - currently £1,000,000 (net). Those candidates who have been approved by the Governing Body will be admitted as Fellow Benefactors for life, in the presence of the Fellowship, at a ceremony in the College Chapel.

Fellow Benefactors will be entitled to wear as academic dress the Queens’ Fellow Benefactors’ gown comprising a gown of MA status style made up in Queens’ green and trimmed with silver (vert and argent being the heraldic colours of the College). Fellow Benefactors will be entitled to hosting and dining rights at Queens'. For further information about the process of becoming a Fellow Benefactor, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Rowan Kitt, Development Director & Fellow.