Queens' Gates Cambridge Scholars

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship programme was established in October 2000 to provide full-cost scholarships to outstanding applicants from countries outside the UK, to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any subject available at the University of Cambridge. For 2020 entry, 80 such scholarships will be offered, approximately two-thirds of which will be offered to PhD students, with approximately 25 awards available in the US round and 55 available in the International round.

There are about 225 Scholars from around 50 countries studying in Cambridge at any one time, who pursue the full range of subjects available at the University and are spread across its departments and Colleges.

The aim of the Gates Cambridge programme is to build a global network of future leaders committed to improving the lives of others.

Current Gates Cambridge Scholars at Queens'

Previous Gates Cambridge Scholars

Tovah Ackerman 2011 United States MPhil Criminology
Victoria Adesanya 2010 Nigeria PhD Engineering
Sabriana Gabrielle Anjara 2014 Indonesia PhD Public Health and Primary Care
Ioanna Antypas 2004 United States PhD Materials Science and Metallurgy
Amy (Markham) Bates 2003 United States MPhil Economics & Development
Shrivalli Bhat 2007 India PhD Physics
Julien Bourdeau 2004 France MPhil Technology Policy
Simon Breakspear 2009 Australia PhD Education
Cynthia Carver-DeKlotz 2002 United States CASM Mathematics
Yen-Chun Chen 2010 Taiwan PhD Sociology
Daniel Choate 2003 United States MPhil Economics
Rajiv Chowdhury 2009 Bangladesh PhD Public Health and Primary Care
Ria (Boafo) Collingwood 2007 Trinidad and Tobago MPhil International Relations
Kristopher Coventry 2002 Australia PhD Chemical Engineering
Anija Dokter 2011 Canada PhD Music
Neemat El Yafi 2005 Lebanon MPhil Real Estate Finance
Anyu Fang 2007 United States MPhil Development Studies
Philip Graff 2008 United States PhD Physics
Johanna Hanink 2006 United States MPhil Classics
Duncan Hanson 2007 Canada PhD Astronomy
David Haskell 2001 United States MLitt Architecture
Cassi Henderson 2015 United States PhD Chemical Engineering
Yang Hu 2011 China PhD Sociology
Ioana Ilie 2010 Romania PhD Education
Hosna Jahan 2013 Bangladesh MPhil Development Studies
Mona Jebril 2012 Occupied Palestinian Territory PhD Education
Hassan Khan 2009 Pakistan MPhil Epidemology
Timothy Kotin 2012 Ghana MPhil Engineering for Sustainable Development
Guangru Li 2011 China PhD Physics
Reid Lidow 2014 United States MPhil Development Studies
Eduardo Machicado Murillo 2011 Bolivia PhD Archaeology
Alice Meyer 2013 South Africa PhD English
Marc Mierowsky 2011 Australia PhD English
Florence Nabwire 2013 Kenya PhD Biological Science
Emily Noah 2004 United States PhD Geography
Stella Nordhagen 2009 United States PhD Land Economy
Agnieszka Piasna 2009 Poland PhD Sociology
Kavita Ramakrishnan 2009 United States MPhil Development Studies and PhD Geography
Colin Russell 2002 United States PhD Zoology
Maha Shash 2013 Egypt PhD Sociology
Urbasi Sinha 2002 India PhD Materials Science and Metallurgy
Jeffrey Skopek 2003 United States PhD History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine
William Smiley 2008 United States PhD Oriental Studies
Rabab Tamish 2006 Occupied Palestinian Territory PhD Education
Yee Siong Tong 2013 Malaysia PhD Development Studies
Elsa Treviño Ramírez 2009 Mexico MPhil Latin American Studies
Todd Tucker 2012 United States PhD Development Studies
Petri Tuomola 2003 Finland MPhil Finance
Matthew Varilek 2001 United States MPhil Environment and Development
Divya Ventakesh 2011 India PhD Pathology
Adrien Vigier 2007 France PhD Economics
Njoki Wamai 2012 Kenya PhD Politics and International Studies
Montana Wilson 2017 United States MPhil Development Studies
Melissa Wong 2009 Canada PhD Music
David Zipper 2002 United States MPhil Planning, Growth and Regeneration