Directors of Studies

Directors of Studies for Queens' Students 

Your Director of Studies (DoS) is responsible for your academic coursework and for arranging supervisions (small-group teaching sessions provided by the College).  You can expect to meet regularly with your DoS to discuss your academic progress. 

Graduate students

The majority of graduate teaching happens within departments. However, Queens' is able to provide Graduate Directors of Studies for the following subjects:

Undergraduate students

All undergraduate subjects have a Director of Studies as listed below.

Subject Director of Studies
Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic Dr Ali Bonner (on leave LT23 & ET23)
  Mr Patrick McAlary (LT23 & ET23)
Architecture Prof James Campbell
Asian & Middle Eastern Studies Prof Andrew Marsham 
Chemical Engineering Dr Zachariah Bond
Classics Dr David Butterfield (on leave LT23)
Dr Moreed Arbabzadah (LT23)
Computer Science (Part IA) Dr Challenger Mishra
Computer Science (Part 1B) Dr Jasmin Jahic
Computer Science (Parts II & III) Dr Ramsey Faragher
Economics (Parts I and IIB) Dr Charlie Brendon
Economics (Part IIA) Dr Cristina Penasco
Education Dr Tyler Denmead
Engineering Prof Andrew Gee
Engineering (MST Construction) Dr Graham McShane
English (Prelim & Part I) Dr Andrew Zurcher
English (Part II) Dr Sarah Haggarty
Geography Prof Graham Denyer Willis (on leave 22-23)
Dr Ilona Kater (22-23)
History, History & Modern Languages, History & Politics Dr Gareth Atkins
History of Art Prof James Campbell
Human, Social & Political Sciences (Part I) Dr Ella McPherson
Human, Social & Political Sciences (Part II) Prof Christopher Bickerton
Land Economy Professor Martin Dixon
Law (Part IA) Dr Federica Paddeu
Law (Parts IB & II) Professor Richard Fentiman QC
Linguistics Prof Ioanna Sitaridou
Management Studies Prof Bart Lambrecht
Manufacturing Engineering Dr Ronan Daly
Mathematics (Parts IA& IB) Prof Claude Warnick
Mathematics (Part II) Prof Peter Haynes
Mathematics (Part III) Professor Julia Gog OBE
Medicine Dr Janet Maguire
Clinical Medicine Dr Stephen Price
Modern & Medieval Languages (Parts IA & II) Prof Martin Crowley
Modern & Medieval Languages (Part IB & Year Abroad) Prof Ioanna Sitaridou
Music Dr Tim Eggington
Natural Sciences (Astrophysics and Physics) Dr Sarah Williams
Natural Sciences (Psychology) Dr Jane Garrison
Natural Sciences (Chemistry) Dr Howard Jones
Natural Sciences (PDN and PNB) Dr David Parker
Natural Sciences (Materials) Prof Howard Stone
Natural Sciences (Earth Sciences) Professor Marie Edmonds
Natural Sciences (History & Philosophy of Science) Dr Richard Jennings
Natural Sciences (Pathology) Dr Gillian Fraser
Natural Sciences (Genetics) Dr Edwige Moyroud 
Natural Sciences (Part II Pharmacology) Dr Ana Rossi
Psychological & Behavioural Sciences Dr Jane Garrison
Theology, Religion & Philosophy of Religion Professor Richard Rex (on leave MT22-LT23)
  Dr Gareth Atkins (MT22-LT23)
Veterinary Medicine Dr Janet Maguire