Dr Andrew Marsham

Dr Andrew Marsham, BA, MPhil, DPhil (Oxon). Reader in Classical Arabic Studies, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.

I am the Director of Studies for Asian and Middle Eastern Studies for Lent Term 2017-18 and supervise students in Middle Eastern Studies.
The Umayyad Empire (644-750 CE) was the first Islamic empire and the largest empire in world history in terms of land area before the 13th century. My current research projects concern the formation of this empire – particularly questions of continuity and discontinuity from the Roman and Persian past, political culture and structures of power, and the causes of revolt and rebellion. I am also interested in early Arabic history writing and conceptions of the past, and comparative and trans-regional historical studies of North Africa and Eurasia.
I am Reader in Classical Arabic Studies at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. Courses on which I teach currently include 'MES.6 Introduction to the History and Culture of the Middle East' and 'MES.17 The Formation of Islam', for first and second year undergraduates respectively. I also supervise dissertations at undergraduate, MPhil and PhD levels.
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