Access and outreach

We can once again offer visits to schools, to deliver sessions for potential applicants as well as visits into Queens'. We are happy to speak to schools about their own individual needs and events, and if there is something that we can help with please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or

The admissions team at Queens’ is committed to admitting students based solely on academic potential, irrespective of background.

At Queens’ College we are aware that many students are hesitant to apply to Cambridge University due to stereotypes about the University’s culture and perceived barriers to entry. However, factors such as socio-economic background, school ranking and financial pressures should never prevent a student from realising their potential at any higher education institution. We encourage applications from students whose schools have little or no experience of sending students to Cambridge, or students who may be the first in their family to progress to higher education, or students who may have spent time in care. Queens’ is therefore keen to provide information on the application process, along with guidance and advice for prospective applicants. To this end, we work with schools to remove misconceptions about Cambridge University and to help students consider whether Cambridge University might be for them.

If you are or have spent time in care, please visit the university website for more information on the support available to you.

Queens' College is now participating in ClickCambridge! The 2022-23 applications close on Wednesday 19 October, view our ClickCambridge page to find out more.

We are excited to announce a new outreach inititiative! Come along to our Medieval Day to learn more about the medieval route to the modern world.

Link Areas

Through the University Area Links scheme, Queens' College is linked with schools in Kent, Bradford, Medway and Havering. This provides schools in these areas with a direct contact point with the University. There is no expectation for students to apply to their school’s link college, and the scheme does not influence whether applicants are invited for interview or offered a place.

Queens’ College has two Schools Liaison Officers - Charlotte Armstrong and Cathy Wardle. They are always pleased to hear from students, parents and schools, so please do not hesitate to email them. 

If you are a teacher or careers advisor at a school, you may also wish to sign up for our termly newsletter containing more information on outreach events at Queens' via email. If you would like to organise a half-day visit to Queens' for your students, please send us an email with approximate numbers of students (ideally no more than 30), and some potential dates that would be convenient.

Conal Lowe is the JCR Access Officer and a current undergraduate at Queens’ College. As well as supporting the work that our Schools Liaison Officers do, Conal is also the lead for outreach undertaken by Queens' students.