Information for teachers

Teachers play a vital role in encouraging students to apply to Cambridge and higher education generally, so we are keen to support you in supporting a potential applicant by providing all the essential information.

Supporting a potential applicant

There are many myths about Cambridge University which may make students feel like they will not fit in, or are not “good enough” to apply. These are largely untrue. The University admits students based on academic potential, regardless of their background. This means the student should be in a good position to achieve A*AA or A*A*A at A-level or equivalent. See here for general entrance requirements, and here for requirements for specific university courses.

There is some flexibility around A-level results, as more than exam results are considered in the application process to get an idea of the applicant as a whole person. Specifically, Admissions Tutors are looking for enthusiasm for the chosen subject, evidence of exploration beyond the school curriculum, and the ability to think in challenging new ways. We would also encourage students to attend open days and read the undergraduate website.

In some circumstances, if events have caused significant educational or home life disruption or disadvantage for a student, it may be appropriate for a student to submit an Extenuating Circumstances Form.

Admissions Assessments & Interviews 

For more information on the admissions assessment and interview, click here. Queens’ College does not endorse private companies that claim to tutor students for interview, but we can offer interview workshops at your school. For more information email us.