School Party visiting Queens' - Risk Assessment


The College has a risk assessment in place for temporary visitors to the College and this is attached.  We must ask you to be aware of certain restrictions and areas.

The College is a working historic property and its rules and regulations must be adhered to.   All visitors are requested:

  • Not to walk on the grass or the river banks
  • Not to eat picnics in the College grounds
  • Not to enter any staircases marked ‘private’
  • Not to make excessive noise
  • Not to smoke anywhere in the College
  • Not to block narrow passageways, pathways or the bridge
  • To observe all instructions given by College staff.

Students should be made aware that in the Medieval part of the College many paths and steps are uneven and, if wet, sometimes slippery.
Students are expected to conduct themselves properly and respect College property whilst they are here and the privacy of students in residence.
We would ask visitors NOT to peer through windows or make excessive noise.  Queens’ is a popular conference venue so, even during vacations; excessive noise will not be tolerated.

Where school parties are accompanied by teaching staff, it is those members of school staff who are expected to supervise their pupils, especially if staying overnight in College Accommodation. Queens’ College cannot be held responsible for any misbehaviour of visiting pupils.

Useful information:

If during your visit to Queens’ you have any problems at all, please contact the in the Porters’ Lodge in the first instance. The Porters will be able to contact anyone urgently, including First Aiders. 

If you are staying in College accommodation, the Porters are also the people who will deal with lost property, keys to accommodation and any problems with accommodation.