Super-curricular Activities

Strong applicants to Cambridge and other competitive universities tend to have explored their chosen subject through wider reading outside the classroom, as well as doing very well in their GCSEs and A-levels (or equivalent). We call this sort of exploration ‘super-curricular’, as it builds on and enhances what you are studying in school.

Students and teachers often ask us what kind of super-curricular activities are best for a particular subject. Together with colleagues from across the university, we have compiled a list of suggested reading and other activities that may help you start to explore your subject. These are suggestions only, and are certainly not “required reading” for Cambridge applicants. You can view the list here or by clicking the image on the left.

The following video provides an introduction to super-curricular activities:

We have also produced a Super-curricular Log, which is designed to help students plan and record their super-curricular activities, and to provide tips on university applications and personal statement writing. As well as being available at our events, you can download it as a PDF here.

You can also get in touch with our Schools Liaison Officers ( with any further questions about super-curricular activities.