The Porters

The Porters are usually the first members of staff you will encounter when you arrive at Queens'. The team consists of a Head Porter and 15 full-time Porters, and a number of relief Porters. The team members are always friendly, courteous and helpful and are always happy to give directions and provide other information.

The Porters' Lodge is the newest building on the campus. It was completed in March 2013, yet fully complements the College's older buildings.

The Porters' Lodge is open 24 hours almost every day of the year and is normally double staffed.

Photo Credit: Sir Cam

Role and responsibilities

The Porters are predominantly responsible for ensuring the safety of all staff, students and visitors and the security of College property at all times. They will often be seen patrolling the College grounds, and are identifiable by their uniform. Additionally, they are responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations of the College, in a fair, friendly but firm manner. There are a number of College rules and regulations that visitors are requested to observe, listed on the Visitors page.

The Porters provide a 24/7 emergency response facility for all staff, students and visitors. All Porters are First Aid trained and have access to emergency medical equipment. Having identified and responded to any emergency, staff will then contact the emergency services as necessary. 

In addition to the roles and responsibilities above, the Porters have many additional daily tasks to perform within the College. These include the raising of the College Flag on ceremonial occasions, the escorting of students to The Senate House on Graduation Day and the co-ordination of the annual 'duck wrangle'.

Contact details



01223 (7)69385

Head Porter


01223 (3)35548

Visitors Liaison Officer