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  • Access to Learning Fund (ALF):  This funding stream has now closed.  No further applications will be considered under ALF.
  • Bell, Abbott and Barnes Funds:  provide assistance to undergraduate students in financial difficulties. The eligibility for this fund has been expanded and students studying any of the following courses will be considered:  BA (including affiliate students), BTh, MB, BChir, VetMB, MusB, CGCM, MEng, MMath, MSci. Grants are available of £100 to £1,000 (or up to £2,000 in exceptional circumstances).  There is one deadline in the middle of each term and you should, well in advance, give details of your financial situation to your Tutor who can apply on your behalf. The deadline for your Tutor to apply is the Division of Term, that is to say, 9th November, 13th February or 14th/21st May (the final date depending on when Easter falls). Late applications cannot be considered until the following term.
  • Cambridge Bursary Scheme: Available to both UK and EU students.
  • Sources of financial assistance within the University:  Isaac Newton Trust
  • Hawks Charitable Trust: Closing date for applications is 14 February 2019

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