If you require support from College or an official letter then please apply using the relevant form from this page.


The College can provide letters for official purposes.  Please download the relevant form for completion and return to the Tutorial Office (Essex 5)

  • Council Tax Exemption Letter (please see link to webform - right hand tab)
  • New Bank Account Letter (please see link to webform - right hand tab)
  • Student Status Letter (please see link to webform - right hand tab)

Changing subject

For undergraduates who wish to be considered for a change of subject

  • Change of Subject Form  This form should be completed when requesting a change of Tripos.  The completed form should be returned to the Tutorial Office (Essex 5).  Deadline for completion and return of request is 15th July 2018 (for the 18/19 academic year start).
  • Change of Course Request - Management Studies  This form should be completed when requesting a change into Management Studies.  Please see the section Restricted Subjects for further information.

Excess Residence

Excess Residence Application for Easter 2018:  For those students on the Termly Scheme on main site.  Excess residence must be booked if you wish to stay in College for any reason after full term ends. Completed forms to be submitted to the Accommodation Officer, Essex 1.  Deadline for applications is Monday, 19 February 2018

Financial assistance

  • Travel Grant Application Form (including The Professor Ajit Singh Travel Award and The Usha S Mehta Travel Award) (please see link to webform - right hand tab)
  • Application for Reimbursement of Language Costs   This is relevant to courses undertaken with the University Language Centre, but does not include in-sessional English courses
  • Thesis Binding Expenses Claims (PhD students only) - applications should now be made tothe University Graduate Hardship Fund
  • Financial Hardship Application: Undergraduates 
  • Financial Hardship: Application: Graduates
  • Application for Reimbursment of Taxi Fares
  • Q550 Sports Bursaries:  Provide a contribution to the cost of participation in sport at a University level or a national level in a recognised Blues or Half-Blues sport.  Enquiries/applications should be sent to Dr Graham McShane, Senior Treasurer of the College Union (  Deadline for applications - 1700 hrs, Friday 9th February 2018.
  • Spearing Travel Grants:  To promote technical and industrial visits abroad by engineering students which are not part of their normal coursework.  Preference is given to students studying one of the branches of Engineering including: civil, mechanical, electrical and electronic, aeronautical, chemical and manufacturing. Please send a brief justification of the purpose of the visit and an analysis of costs to the Senior Tutor via the Tutorial Secretary.  Deadline for applications - 2 March 2018
  • Friends of Queens' Music - application for funding:  Available to any current undergraduate or graduate student member of Queens', or any Musical Society.  Applications may be made in advance with receipts submitted within 30 days of the purchase/event.  Deadlines for 2017/18 are:  10 November 2017, 16 February 2018, 18 May 2018
  • The Milgate Fund - application for funding.  Established to support the academic and educational activities of Queens' undergraduate and graduate students reading Economics.
  • The Haszeldine Fund - application for funding.  To support undergraduate and graduate Chemistry students.  Providing assistance for academic related travel; research projects; books; equipment; dissertation expenses; chemistry events and The Queens' Chemistry Society. Please note:  The next award from the Haszeline Fund will be made in MT18.