Philanthropic News

Alumni and friends of the College are investing in the future of Queens' in many ways.

  • Over 390 alumni have informed us that they are remembering Queens' in their wills, as generations have before them. This pledge makes them automatic members of the Arthur Armitage Society. 
  • The Telephone Campaign raises over £350,000 annually for Queens'.
  • Over 1,200 alumni are now members of the 1448 Society, making regular gifts to the College.

Thank you to all those who donate to the College.

Some principal donations:

Fellowships & Supervision system

 The following Fellowships have been kindly supported by Queens' alumni or friends.

Mr Ewen Macpherson (1961 & Hon Fellow) - principal benefactor

  • The Arthur Armitage Fellowship in Law (2017) currently held by Professor Richard Fentiman.

Mr Anthony L Lyster (1949)*

  • The Anthony L. Lyster Fellowship in Modern & Medieval Languages currently held by Dr Martin Crowley.

Mr Sean Notley (1982)

  • The Notley Fellowship in Engineering, endowed in 2017. Currently held by Dr Graham McShane (2000)

The Ajit Singh Fellowship in Economics

  • Endowed in 2016 in honour of Dr Andy Cosh (1968 & Life Fellow) by more than fifty former students of Prof Singh and Dr Cosh; currently held by Dr Edoardo Gallo.

Mrs Thelma Seear*

  • The Seear Fellowship in Architecture & Art History (2016) currently held by Dr James Campbell

Mr David N. Moore (1983)

  • The David N. Moore Fellowship in Mathematics (2015) currently held by Dr Julia Gog

Revd Dr John Polkinghorne (former President)

  • The Polkinghorne Fellowship in Theology (2015) currently held by Professor Richard Rex

Professor John Baldwin (1949)*

  • The John Baldwin Fellowship in Physics (2015) currently held by Professor Eugene Terentjev

Mr Ewen Macpherson (1961 & Hon Fellow) - principal benefactor

  • The Derek Bowett Fellowship in Law (2015) currently held by Dr Paul Daly (2007)

The John Tiley Fellowship in Law

  • Law Fellowship for three years from 2015, funded by many donors, currently held by Dr Federica Paddeu

Dr Demis Hassabis (1994 & Fellow Benefactor)

  • The Hassabis Fellowship in Computer Science currently held by Dr Andrew Rice
  • The Niccoli Fellowship in Natural Sciences currently held by Dr Gillian Fraser

Mr Phil Cox (1970)

  • The Geography Fellowship (funded for five years) currently held by Dr Graham Denyer Willis

Dr Mohamed El-Erian (1977) & Mrs Jamie El-Erian

  • The El-Erian Fellowship in Economics currently held by Dr Charles Brendon

Marina, Jonathan, Linda & Joseph Pang

  • The Pang Kam Ping Fellowship in Medical Science, in honour of their parents Mr & Mrs K.W. Pang, currently held by Dr Anna Paterson (2002).
  • Joseph Pang read Medicine at Queens', matriculating in 1969.

Mr Anthony L Lyster (1949)*

  • The Anthony L. Lyster Fellowship in Mathematics currently held by Professor Richard Weber
  • The Anthony L. Lyster Fellowship in Natural Sciences (Physical) currently held by Dr Alessio Zaccone
  • The Anthony L. Lyster Fellowship in Sociology currently held by Dr Ella McPherson



Student Support

  • The Dikran Knadjian Scholarship (for a medical student to pursue an elective in Armenia. In honour of Dikran Knadjian (1970), funded by his siblings)
  • The Alison Roper Prize in Natural Sciences (endowed in 2013 by her family in her memory to reward excellence in the subject. Alison (1982) read Natural Sciences and rowed at Queens').
  • The Marcus Ivan Hughes-Hallett Travel Award (endowed in 2013 by his family in his memory, to support first year students who travel and work abroad. Marcus read Maths and played several College sports).
  • The Tony Nethersell Bursary (endowed in 2013 by Mrs Jan Nethersell in memory of her husband (1965), to support students in financial need reading Music, Medicine or Natural Sciences).
  • The John Cuthbert Harvey Memorial Fund (funded from 2014 by Dr John Harvey (1964) to provide equipment for Medical students).
  • The Munro-Greaves Bursary (funded in 2012 by Ms Joanna Munro (1981) and Mr Richard Greaves, to support graduates studying Pure Mathematics).
  • The Stephen G. Thomas Memorial Fund (donated by Mrs Catherine Thomas, Fellow Benefactor, in memory of her husband (1971); to support graduate students in Computer Science, Engineering or Mathematics).
  • The Usha S. Mehta Travel Award (donated by Sunil S Mehta (1966) and his family in honour of their mother Usha). Awards from the Fund are for any 1st or 2nd year undergraduate student of Queens’ College wishing to travel abroad for academic advancement.


The Stephen G. Thomas Teaching & Learning Centre: kindly donated by Stephen's widow, thus fulfilling Stephen's dream of adding a fourth floor to the Cripps Building. It now provides supervision space, offices for Fellows, meetings rooms, and accommodation for students.

The Round - completed in 2014 and funded by more than 90 alumni and friends of the College. It incorporates Clarissa's Gate, the sculpted screen facing Silver Street, funded by Mr & Mrs Rodney Ward (1963) in honour of their daughter.