Professor Eugene Terentjev

Eugene Michael Terentjev, the John Baldwin Fellow in Physics. MSc, PhD (Moscow), MA., Professor of Polymer Physics, Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Physical).

My recent publications can be viewed here.

We broadly divide Natural Sciences into Physical and Biological (although there is a lot happening at the interface) and, accordingly, there are two separate Directors of Studies for these two streams. I am the DOS for the Physical Natural Sciences students and thus responsible for organising teaching for these undergrads. I also see it as an opportunity to provide advice on their general education and career goals.
Queens' College has a very strong Natural Science community, with many teaching Fellows covering almost all angles of the Physical and Biological sciences, and several Research Fellows and PhD students who also contribute to teaching and an overall atmosphere of shared interest and enthusiasm for science. To see some of the research our Natural Science Fellows have worked on, visit: The student-run Milner Society unites this community and offers a range of both social and academic activities.
I am an experienced theoretician in soft condensed matter physics. My research mainly focuses on structure and dynamical properties of complex materials: polymer systems, liquid crystals and colloids, with an increasing impact in molecular and cell biophysics (biological polymers, tissues and cell mechanics). My multidisciplinary research group combines the chemical synthesis facility, physical experimental laboratory and theoretical modelling.
I am the Professor of Polymer Physics at the Cavendish Laboratory. I lecture a variety of courses in the areas of: thermal, statistical, soft matter and biological physics.
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  • the John Baldwin Fellow in Physics