Making a regular gift

A photograph of guests at the Queens' Annual Garden Party.
The 1448 Society recognises loyal donors who give to Queens' on a regular basis. Membership of The 1448 Society begins when an alumnus/a or friend signs up to a regular donation by direct debit or standing order; this donation can be monthly, quarterly or annually. We are incredibly grateful to donors who choose to give regularly, as these gifts provide a sustainable income for the College, our students and our projects.

Please click here to sign up for a regular gift and join The 1448 Society today.

We suggest £14.48 a month, or its nearest equivalent (to celebrate the year the College was founded), but your donation may of course be more or less according to means.

You can specify that your donation is to benefit the Endowment, Student Support, Teaching & Research, or make it unrestricted. The names of members of The 1448 Society are printed in the annual Gifts List. 

Members of The 1448 Society receive exclusive event invitations to an annual garden party in the President's Garden and to termly Zoom Webinars.

Over 1,300 Queens' alumni are now members of The 1448 Society. We invite you to join this community and support Queens' College. If you have any questions about The 1448 Society, or making a regular gift to Queens’, please do contact us by emailing

Testimonies from 1448 Society members:

A photograph of Xenia Xie, 1448 Society.I joined The 1448 Society because I am grateful for my experience in the college. I had a challenging year studying in Cambridge as I was switching from an English Literature background to finance. My connection with Queens' made my time in Cambridge very enjoyable via interactions with people from various backgrounds in the college, rather than just finance. I also often think fondly of the time spent at the homely library of Queens’ and the free tea and biscuits that were kindly offered to me. I hope the dynamism and caring environment of the college will continue. 

- Xenia Xie (2013) 





A photograph of Sisira de Silva, 1448 SocietyJoining The 1448 Society and donating on a regular basis is, to me, the ideal way of supporting the College. As a teacher, directing my contributions to the educational aspects of Queens' seems the most natural. It is also important for me to personally acknowledge the important part the College has had, and continues to play in my life. I know my small contributions make a difference to help the next generation of students at Queens’ who I hope will be inspired to flourish academically and to build life-long friendships.

- Sisira de Silva (1988)





Woman in black matriculation robe standing in front of the Mathematical Bridge


Being the first member of a working-class family from Hong Kong to speak English as a second language and receive a university education, I cannot express how grateful I am to be in Cambridge and particularly in Queens’ College now. I would not have been able to reach this far without the kind help and encouragement from the many inspiring mentors in my life, one of whom is an alumnus of the college himself. I hope I can pay their kindness forward so future generations can also grow and learn in this home away from home as I have done.

- Winnie Che (2021)