Professor Lisa Hall

Prof. Lisa Hall, BSc, PhD (London), CBE. Tutor, Professor of Analytical Biotechnology.

May Ball Senior Treasurer


My research is focused on understanding how biology can be interfaced with electronic, mechanical and optical systems and new ways to answer fundamental and applied questions concerning new measurement regimes. This links transduction technologies (electrochemistry, optics, ultrasound) with synthetic biology and nanomaterials to achieve sensors & diagnostic systems. The research bridges theoretical methods and modelling with lab-based experimental science.


I am head of Cambridge Analytical Biotechnology, a research group directed towards environmental, medical and industrial application, pro-active in responding to and advising industry of existing capability and future direction. The main umbrella of research in the Analytical Biotechnology Group is in heterogeneous analytical systems, with a primary but not exclusive focus on molecular sensors, the latter including both chemical and biological systems. I also co-founded the CamBridgeSens group.

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