Dr Charles Brendon

Charles Frederick Brendon, BA, MPhil, DPhil (Oxon). El-Erian Fellow and College Lecturer in Economics.

I am the El-Erian Fellow in Macroeconomics, and (joint) acting Director of Studies in Economics, 2015-16. I organise teaching of undergraduate supervisions in Economics and teach Macroeconomics for Part I and Part IIb students, and Public Economics for Part IIb students. The key to understanding many economic models is to try to generalise and explore their properties beyond textbook write-ups. I try to make this process central to my supervisions wherever possible.
My main area of research is the theory and practice of economic policymaking. Current projects focus in particular on income tax policy, and on alternative normative approaches to designing policy rules when government preferences are likely to be time-inconsistent.
I lecture for Part I Macroeconomics (short-run analysis) and Part IIb Public Economics (optimal taxation) and I supervise MPhil dissertations in addition to the undergraduate lecture courses listed above: usually three or four per year.
01223 769362
  • Official Fellow
  • El-Erian Fellow in Macroeconomics