The information below is provisional for entry in 2025.

Entry Details

  • Typical intake per year: 6

  • Minimum offer level
    A Level:  A*A*A
    IB:  41-42 points with 776 at Higher Level

  • Subject requirements
    A Level:  A* in Mathematics and/or Further Mathematics
    IB:  7 in Higher Level Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches

  • Useful preparation: Economics, Further Mathematics. A Level Further Mathematics is very strongly encouraged. If unavailable or you have recognised its desirability too late, we would advise you to do as much additional maths as possible, e.g. by studying advanced material or Further Mathematics AS level.

  • Admissions Assessment:  Yes, required at Queens' - a Pre-Registration Assessment

  • Submitted Work:  No, not required at Queens'

Course Outline

The Cambridge Economics course provides a sound understanding of core, pure and applied economics, while employing ideas and techniques from many other disciplines including mathematics, statistics, history, sociology and politics.

Information about the course structure, departmental teaching arrangements, offered topics and options can be found on the University of Cambridge website: Economics Course Outline

Economics at Queens'

What makes Economics at Queens’ special is the people - students and Fellows work together to organise events such as annual dinners and speakers' talks that go beyond the Tripos. 

Economics at Queens’ College has a long and distinguished history. There is an active, student-run Economics Society that hosts both academic and social gatherings to discuss contemporary economic issues. Queens’ economists have gone on to enjoy distinguished careers in finance, business, research, and government.

Economics at Queens' is supported by the Milgate Fund.

Academic and Teaching Staff

  Dr Charles Brendon, see also Charles Brendon | Faculty of Economics

  Dr Cristina Peñasco, see also Dr Cristina Peñasco | Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

Economics at Cambridge is a challenging and mathematically heavy course, but Queens’ is especially supportive in helping you do your best while still having fun. Our economics community is close-knit — there are six economists in every year, which means that you can get to know everyone well and there will always be someone you can ask for help. 

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