History and Politics

The information below is provisional for entry in 2025.

Entry Details

  • Typical intake per year:  2

  • Minimum offer level
    A Level:  A*AA
    IB:  41-42 points with 776 at Higher Level

  • Subject requirements
    None specified

  • Useful preparation:  History, Government & Politics, English, Languages. The majority of applicants will be studying A Level/IB Higher Level History, or equivalent.  If you are not taking History, but are able to demonstrate that you have developed other, equivalent skills by taking other relevant subjects, or through independent subject exploration, please contact us for advice.

  • Admissions assessment:  To be confirmed, see University admissions assessment pages

  • Submitted work:  Yes, required at Queens'

Course Details

The joint Honours degree in History and Politics offers subjects from our highly-regarded History and Politics and International Relations courses, together with bespoke papers which allow students to explore the space between the two disciplines. Students develop skills in analysing the operation of power and politics across histories, institutes and societies around the world. Students are also able to build strenghts in understanding the nature of evidence, methodology and approaches in both History and Politics. Across the three years of the degree programme, students are able to choose from a wide range of topics in British, European, American and World history and politics.

Staff in the Faculty of History and the Department of Politics and International Studies have a wide range of shared interests in political and international history, the origins of contemporary politics and international relations, and the history of political ideas. This degree balances a strong grounding in the two component subjects with the opportunity to explore the ways in which historical and political understanding together illuminate the modern world.

Information about the course structure, departmental teaching arrangements, offered topics and options can be found on the University of Cambridge website: History and Politics Course Outline

Queens’ is great for History and Politics because of the fantastic integration between HisPol students and single-honours Historians, which from speaking to students from other Colleges is pretty unusual. This means you feel part of a much bigger cohort (you’re one of 11 or 12 rather then 2 or 3) and a greater sense of belonging to the subject (from my experience HisPol students have far more overlap with historians than HSPSers). Queens’ also has an excellent history society providing great talks and social events!

History and Politics at Queens'

Community is central to studying History and the History joint degrees at Queens'.  Academic staff take a keen interest in students' progress and wellbeing and students are encouraged to support and learn from one another too.  Queens’ has a thriving college history society, the Erasmus Society, which meets several times a term to listen to talks by historians and for social events.

From the first year onwards there are also classes and events to help with the transition from school to university, to support students' learning and develop their study skills, and to encourage discussion and debate about major themes in History.

Academic and Teaching Staff

  Dr Gareth Atkins, see also Dr Gareth Atkins | Faculty of History

  Dr Joseph Canning, see also Dr Joseph Canning | Faculty of History

  Professor Craig Muldrew, see also Professor Craig Muldrew | Faculty of History

  Professor Richard Rex, see also Professor Richard Rex | Faculty of Divinity

  Dr Andrew Thompson, see also Andrew Thompson | Faculty of History

  Professor Chris Bickerton, see also Professor Christopher Bickerton | Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

  Dr Cristina Peñasco, see also Dr Cristina Peñasco | Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

The History and Politics joint degree allows you to study two related and highly engaging subjects at the same time, thus giving you a broader perspective on each by revealing new dimensions of the subjects, such as the influence of political thought in history. Queens' is one of the friendliest Cambridge Colleges and both the staff and students are extremely kind and helpful.

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