Natural Sciences

The information below is provisional for entry in 2025.

Entry Details

  • Typical intake per year:  25
  • Minimum offer level 
    A Level:  A*A*A
    IB:  41-42 points with 776 at Higher Level

  • Subject requirements:
    A Level:  Mathematics and two of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Further Mathematics
    IB:  Higher Level Mathematics (for Physical, specifically Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches) and two of Higher Level Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • Further guidance:  Year 1 courses may also require specific A Level/IB Higher Level subjects; see Natural Sciences Course Outline for details.  For Natural Sciences (Physical), IB applicants are expected to take Analysis and Approaches. If this option is not available at your school, please contact us for further advice and guidance.  For Natural Sciences (Biological), if taking IB Higher Level Mathematics, we recommend Analysis and Approaches for the most competitive application, however Applications and Interpretations will also be considered.
  • Submitted work:  No, not required at Queens'

Course Details

The Natural Sciences course is the framework within which most science subjects are taught at Cambridge. The course offers a range of biological and physical science options, allowing you to experience new areas of science, discover the interconnections between apparently discrete subjects, and gain an insight into different scientific methods. A broad first year is combined with increasing specialisation in the second year, and the possibility of total specialisation from the third year.

Information about the course structure, departmental teaching arrangements, offered topics and options can be found on the University of Cambridge website: Natural Sciences Course Outline.

Please also visit the Departments’ websites for in-depth subject information and details of current research. All of these sites, as well as suggested reading for prospective students, can be accessed from the Natural Sciences website.

Natural Sciences at Queens’

At Queen's we broadly divide Natural Sciences into Biological and Physical and, accordingly, there are separate Directors of Studies for these two streams.  However, many students take advantage of the flexibility and breadth of the Natural Sciences course, combining Biological and Physical subjects in Part I (Years 1 and 2).

We have a very strong Natural Sciences community, with many teaching Fellows covering almost all angles of the Biological and Physical sciences. Several Research Fellows, Post-Doctoral Research Associates and PhD students also contribute to teaching and to an overall atmosphere of shared interest and enthusiasm for science. Around 20-25 Natural Sciences students join the College every year, so the group acts as a community in its own right. The student-run Milner Society unites this community and offers a range of both social and academic activities.

Natural Sciences at Queens' is supported by the Streetly Fund, the Darlington Fund and the Haszeldine Fund.

NatSci at Queens' is great; not only are the supervisors fantastic, but the location is ideal: a 5-minute walk from lectures in town and a 10-minute cycle to West Cambridge!

Academic and Teaching Staff

  Dr Jamie Blundell, see also Dr Jamie Blundell | Department of Oncology

  Professor Anthony Challinor, see also Professor Anthony Challinor | Kavli Institute for Cosmology

  Professor Marie Edmonds, see also Professor Marie Edmonds | Department of Earth Sciences

  Dr Gillian Fraser, see also Dr Gillian Fraser | Department of Pathology

  Dr Jane Garrison, see also Dr Jane Garrison | Department of Psychology

  Professor Beverley Glover, see also Professor Beverley Glover | Department of Plant Sciences

  Professor James Jackson, see also Professor James Jackson | Department of Earth Sciences

  Dr Richard Jennings

  Dr Howard Jones, see also Dr Howard Jones | Department of Chemistry


Dr Mairi Kilkenny


  Dr Edwige Moyroud, see also Dr Edwige Moyroud | The Sainsbury Laboratory

  Dr David Parker, see also Dr David Parker | Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

  Dr Ana Rossi, see also Dr Ana Rossi | Department of Pharmacology

  Professor Howard Stone, see also Professor Howard Stone | Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy

  Professor Eugene Terentjev, see also Professor Eugene Terentjev | Department of Physics

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