The information below is provisional for entry in 2025.

Entry Details

  • Typical intake per year: 2 

  • Minimum offer level
    A Level:  A*AA
    IB:  41-42 points with 776 at Higher Level

  • Subject requirements
    A Level:  Music or ABRSM Grade 8 Theory at Merit and above
    IB:  Higher Level Music or ABRSM Grade 8 Theory at Merit and above

  • Admissions assessment: Yes, required at Queens' - a Cambridge College registered Assessment (specific to Queens' College)

  • Submitted work:  Yes, required at Queens'

Course Details

The Cambridge Music course covers a broad range of music, from medieval plainchant to the blues, and a great range of approaches to thinking about and understanding music, from advanced analysis to the study of music and science.​ The course has a strong academic component, particularly focusing on history, analysis, composition (including screen and media composition) and performance, but also offering a range of other topics.

Information about the course structure, departmental teaching arrangements, offered topics and options can be found on the University of Cambridge website: Music Course Outline

Music at Queens’ 

Studying Music at Queens' is amazing! We have a vibrant music society (MagSoc) with various music ensembles including orchestras and choirs of different levels. The Chapel Choir also provides an amazing platform to sing in Evensong (twice a week) and other Chapel events (including weekly Compline). Whatever your specific interests are, Queens' provides the ideal situation to make music. It is also conveniently located very near the Music Faculty and University Library, a fact that makes many students from other Colleges very jealous.

Students at Queens' receive two individual supervisions per week, with most other supervisions in groups of two or three.

Queens' has an extremely lively musical tradition with a particular character of its own, based on the activities of the St. Margaret Society (MagSoc), the Chapel Choir, Queens’ Jazz and College chamber music.  The student-run MagSoc supports a chorus of 150 singers who perform in the city twice a year. The society also organises weekly recitals, and co-ordinates music-making within the College. The Chapel Choir is run by two organ scholars, under the supervision of Nick Morris (Director of Music at Queens’); together they are responsible for maintaining high standards of music-making in Chapel and College. Queens’ has excellent concert and rehearsal facilities, including the Chapel, Old Hall and Fitzpatrick Hall, and three practice rooms. There are two grand pianos, five other pianos, a harpsichord, and the recently restored Binns organ.

Music at Queens' is supported by the Charles Villiers Stanford Fund in Music. It is used to support the academic activities of Music undergraduate and postgraduate students at Queens'.

Academic and Teaching Staff


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