Professor Craig Muldrew

Prof. Craig Muldrew, MA (Alberta), PhD. Professor of Early Modern Economic and Social History. College Lecturer in History.

I supervise in most areas of British Social and Economic History from 1500 to 1800.
My research focuses on two areas. The first is the investigation of the economic and social role of trust in the development of the market economy in England between 1500-1700. This concentrates on the centrality of reputation to financial credit, and the insecurity of wealth in a world of innumerable debts. In this work I have examined the relationship between the actual working of economic contracts and obligations in relation to the development of natural law theory and commercial society. The second is the living standards and work of agricultural labourers in the early modern English economy, published as a monograph entitled, ‘Food, Energy and the Creation of Industriousness: Work and Material Culture in Agrarian England 1550–1780'.
I lecture in British Economic and Social history in Part I of the History Tripos, and in the MPhil in Economic and Social History where I teach the history of economic thought and economic culture and sociology.
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