Dr Cristina Peñasco

Dr Cristina Peñasco. BSc (UCLM), MPhil (ICADE Business School), PhD (URJC).

I am a visiting Fellow in the Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance (C-EENRG). I joined the Department of Land Economy in November 2017 after six months in the Department of Politics and International Studies, where I have been a Postdoctoral Research Associate since May 2017. I am also an Assistant Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Alcala (Spain), where I teach Econometrics. I am currently working on the INNOPATHS project,  (Innovation Pathways for a low-carbon transition), directed by Professor Laura Diaz-Anadon and  funded by the H2020 EC framework. 


My research lines bring together multidisciplinary research in environmental economics, innovation policy and energy economics in green and energy efficiency technologies, with a focus on the policy instruments enabling the transition to low-carbon economies.


Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Politics and International Studies; Visiting Fellow, C-EENRG/Department of Land Economy

  • Official Fellow