Dr Gareth Atkins

Dr Gareth Atkins, BA (Durham), MPhil, PhD. College Teaching Officer in History.

As College Teaching Officer I play a full part in the teaching of undergraduate history at Queens' and at a number of other colleges. I supervise for papers 5 (British political history 1688-1886) and 10 (British economic and social history 1700-1880). I also assist Dr Cordiner with college teaching for the compulsory methodology paper, 'Historical Argument and Practice'.
I work on religion in Britain and the wider British world in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. My Ph.D. was on the 'Age of Wilberforce': in it I tried to explain why evangelicals carried such disproportionate weight in public affairs, arguing that networks in Church, City of London, armed forces and officialdom gave them access to power and the ability to shape the language of Britishness. The resulting book, 'Converting Britannia', will be published in 2018. I am now working on a new project which asks how ordinary people encountered the Bible, not just as readers and worshippers but across the whole range of media, from prints and paintings to children's books, stained glass and lantern slides.
I am an Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of History. I give a series of lectures ('God and the British') for papers 5 and 10, and I also supervise Part II dissertations. At postgraduate level I supervise M.Phil. students as well as teaching classes for various Master's courses.
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