Dr Challenger Mishra

I have recently joined Queens' as a Bye Fellow in Computer Science. I am responsible for supervisions and currently stepping into the role of Director of Studies for first-year Computer Scientists. One of my passions is to inspire the next generation of students and prepare them for the challenges ahead. At the Computer Laboratory, I am a Research Fellow with the Accelerate Program for Scientific Discovery, and an affiliated lecturer co-teaching a course on Theory of Deep Learning. My research is at the intersection of Physics, Geometry, and Machine Learning. Currently I am working on special geometries that appear as extra-dimensions in Superstring theory, and AI driven mathematical discovery. I completed my doctorate in Theoretical Physics as a Rhodes scholar from the University of Oxford. Before moving to Cambridge, I held postdoctoral appointments at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (Madrid), and jointly at The Alan Turing Institute (London) and University of Oxford. In the past I have held college Lectureships in Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science at the University of Oxford for a number of years. https://acceleratescience.github.io/about.html

  • Bye-Fellow