Dr Tyler Denmead

Dr Tyler Denmead, BA, MPhil, PhD. Director of Studies in Education;University Lecturer of Arts and Creativity in Education.

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Youth, Race, and Gentrification; Creative City Policy; Arts-Based Educational Inquiry; Performance; Educational Ethnography; Social Justice. My book The Creative Underclass: Youth, Race, and the Gentrifying City is set to be published with Duke University Press in Autumn 2019. This book examines how discourses of youth and creativity are entangled in the reproduction of racial and class inequalities for young people in one American city, Providence, Rhode Island. Drawing upon post-structural and critical race theory, this auto-ethnography argues that racialized and classed discourses of youth and creativity have summoned two kinds of citizen-subjects, the creative class and the “creative underclass.”
Doctoral advising; Arts, Creativity, and Education (MPhil); Research Methods Strand (MPhil); Researching Practice (MEd); Creativity and Thinking (Tripos); Modernity and Globalization (Tripos); Designing Educational Research (Tripos); Research and Investigation (Tripos). https://www.educ.cam.ac.uk/people/staff/denmead/
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