Remembering Queens’ in your Will

A portrait of Sir Arthur Armitage.The Arthur Armitage Society recognises those alumni, their relatives and friends of Queens’ who are generously giving or have left legacies to the College. Membership of The Arthur Armitage Society begins when you let the College know that you, like over 400 others, have included Queens’ in your Will.

The Senior Development Officer, Mr Sam Davis, would be delighted to hear from any alumni who are kindly considering leaving a legacy to Queens’.

Letting the College know about your plans to leave a cash gift or a residuary gift of a percentage of your estate is not binding, but does help the College in long-term planning. When received, the College will follow legators’ directions to ensure the legacy achieves what the donor planned. Where legacies are unrestricted, the Governing Body takes great care to allocate these to an area which accords with the legators time at Queens’ and their interests.

Legacies from members and friends of the College have made a tremendous difference to all aspects of College life. These include:

  • Mr Anthony L. Lyster’s (1949) Will provided three Fellowships, in Mathematics, Modern & Medieval Languages and Sociology, while Mrs Thelma Seear’s Will provided a Fellowship in Architecture & Art History.
  • Professor John Baldwin (1949) gave a Physics Fellowship in his Will and Mr Bruce Cleave (1953) has given a College Fellowship in English.
  • Professor Robert Haszeldine’s legacy has supported the endowment of a subject fund in Chemistry, while Mr Geoffrey Weaks (1945), a former Crusaders Cricketer, left an unrestricted legacy which is supporting the endowment of The Blues Fund.
  • Other legacies have helped provide postgraduate awards, establish a fund to look after and maintain the College gardens, renovate the College’s historic buildings and the Boat Club to acquire new boats.

You can find out more about leaving a legacy to Queens’and Sam Davis would be delighted to answer any questions you might have.