Room naming

Name a residential room at Queens'

The rooms you lived in at College often hold some of the most powerful memories of your time at Queens’ – a connection to Cambridge that lives on. Our alumni are always telling us about their favourite rooms and what they did in them; climbing through windows, first attempts at cooking, wine-induced philosophical debates…

We are therefore offering the opportunity to put your name next to your favourite residential room at Queens’.  Donors who give £10,000 (normally to the Queens’ endowment) can now have a plaque with their name and matriculation year permanently placed next to their room.  In this way, your investment in Queens’ essential work will be commemorated, whilst allowing the College to use that philanthropic gift where it is most needed.

In addition, in the year you donate you will also be invited to our annual supporters' Garden Party and the Benefactors' Feastas a thank you for your generous support. 


  • The plaques are intended to be displayed outside your chosen room in perpetuity.
  • The donation is exclusive of Gift Aid and cannot be backdated.
  • The donation does not provide exclusive naming rights for any individual room.
  • The plaques are made from cast aluminium, in Queens' green with gold detailing, and measure 225mm by 100mm.
  • They are standardised, with text size-adapted accordingly for the number of characters required. An example of the plaque can be viewed below.
  • The College reserves the right to change these terms and conditions.

Please contact the Development Office for more details.

Demis Hassabis Room Plaque