The Squash Fund

The historic Queens' Squash Club boasts a distinguished record. We are now hoping to secure the future of Squash at the College through a permanently-established fund. 

Squash has been played at the highest levels at Queens' for many years, so much so that squash courts were incorporated into the design of the Cripps Building in the 1970s. Notable squash alumni from this time include Tom Hendry (1964), triple Blue and CUSRC Captain 1965-66, and Philip Ayton (1965), triple Blue, CUSRC Captain 1966-67 and international squash player for England and Great Britain through the period 1969-80. Queens' has had over seventeen Blues squash players since the 1960s.

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Queens' is very fortunate to have squash courts on the main site, which bring together Queens’ players of all standards. There is now a weekly club night, the Queens’ box leagues have restarted following COVID, and the Club entered two teams into the intercollegiate leagues this year. Since being promoted from Division Two in Michaelmas Term 2022, the stronger of these teams has had an incredibly successful season – they beat Christ’s to the Division 1 title, having won all of their matches! There are also now eight new squash rackets and balls which are kept in the Porters’ Lodge, available to all.

Ellie White (2020) is Captain of Queens’ Squash Club, President of Cambridge University Squash Rackets Club, a Squash Blue, and a Real Tennis Half-Blue. Ellie plays at the highest level within the University, competing for the men’s teams in Cambridgeshire League matches. She also led the Cambridge women’s team to an impressive victory over Oxford in the Varsity match back in February. Ella Jennings (2022) represented Cambridge at the Varsity match this year, too.

We hope to build on this momentum to make squash more accessible, and to help players enjoy and improve their game, by creating a Squash Fund at Queens’. Our initial aim is to endow an amount of £100,000 which would provide £3,000 a year for our Squash Club, in perpetuity. This would be used to:

  • Provide professional coaching for Queens' players in a weekly training session
  • Provide ongoing funds for new equipment when needed

This Fund, once created, will be overseen administered by Fellow Patron of the Squash Club.

You can support The Queens' Squash Fund via our online donation form, or our printable donation form. If you would like more information about supporting squash at Queens', please contact or read the "Case for Support" document (linked at the bottom of this page). 

  • All donors will appear in the annual Gifts List. Please contact us if you would like your gift to be anonymous.
  • Donors who give £10,000 or more will be invited to the Commemoration & Ceremony of Benefactors and Feast for two years following their gift.
  • US taxpayers can donate tax-efficiently through Cambridge in America.

Former squash captains at Queens' include the below:

Michael Parsons 1960-61
John Harris 1961-62
James Ware 1962-63
Alan Christie 1963-64
John Vallat 1964-66
Tom Hendry & Peter Fairbotham 1966-67
Martin Lloyd 1967-69
Tom Franks 1969-70
John Seddon 1970-71
Paul Hunter 1971-72
Derek Chase 1973-74
Phil Collinson 1974-75
Tim O'Donoghue 1975-76
David Palmer 1976-77
Nick Prentice 1977-78
Martin Hudson 1978-79
Chris Arnold 1979-80
Andrew Haigh 1980-81
Adrian Lewis 1981-82
Donald Weir & Rachel Arnold 1982-83
David Tarsh & Clare Torrance 1983-84
Oliver Burton 1984-86
Natalie Fredericks 1985-86
Philip Ward 1986-87
Richard Haddow 1987-88
James Borrett & Anja Harrison 1988-89
Gavin Nicol & Rachel Richardson 1989-90
Andrew Melton & Amanda Gourlay 1990-91
Steve Roth & Kathy Garside 1991-92
Stephen Mackenney 1992-93
Simon Cooke & Helen Coomber 1993-94
David Goodey & Susannah Richardson 1994-95
Alan Yeoh & Jo Watts 1995-96
Richard Chalcraft & Sarah Bowden 1996-97
John Wakefield 1997-98
Fahad Roumani 1998-99
Colin Singleton & Susannah Gilbert 1999-2000
Neil Brown & Tania Elias 2000-01
Laurence Toime & Charlotte Acton 2001-02
Alex Gezelius 2002-03
Russell Haresign & Emma Owen 2003-04
Edmund Crawley & Salma Tuqan 2004-05
Michael Flower & Hilary Berlin-Taylor 2005-06
Renwick Russell & Alison Messenger 2006-07
Peter Butler 2007-08
Michael Baker 2008-09
Jamie Radford & Chantal Heppolette 2009-10
David Pattinson 2010-11
Tom Mitchell-Williams 2011-12
Adam Blackstock 2012-13
Max Cooper 2013-14
Robert Davis 2014-15
Lydia Prieg 2015-16
Igor Yakunin 2016-17
Harry Woods 2017-18
Athan Siah 2018-19
Varun Babbar 2019-20
Vivek Palaniappan 2020-22
Ellie White Current