Roll of Honour: World War 2

Roll of Honour — Second World War 1939–45

Where known, the campaign or circumstances are mentioned.

Those who died between the outbreak of war and the end of 1941.

In 1939
Pe Tsun Yen, an engineer in the Chinese Army

Jan 1940
Pilot Officer David Maynard, R.A.F., 222 Squadron, flying a Blenheim from RAF Duxford. Aged 24

Apr 1940
Lieutenant John Esam, 8th Battalion Sherwood Forresters (Notts and Derbys Regiment), Lillehammer, Norway. Aged 26

May 1940
Second Lieutenant Eric Hughes-Narborough, Royal Army Service Corps (Ammunition Company), Dunkirk. Aged 22

Captain Cyril Pugh, M.B.E., Royal Engineers (Chemical Warfare Group). Dunkirk. Aged 27

Lieutenant Richard Olive, 2nd Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment. Dunkirk. Aged 32

Lieutenant Trevor Rouse, Royal Engineers, Field Company. At sea off Dunkirk. Aged 23

June 1940
Captain Basil Dove, Royal Army Service Corps (3 Field Bakery). At sea off Dunkirk. Aged 30

July 1940
Pilot Officer Gordon Mitchell, Auxiliary Air Force, 609 Squadron, Fighter Command, flying a Spitfire, off Portland in the early days of the Battle of Britain. Aged 29

Aug 1940
Second Engineer David Harris, Merchant Navy, on board SS Harpalyce torpedoed off the Hebrides. Aged 26

Nov 1940
Second Lieutenant William Bagott, King’s Shropshire Light Infantry, died whilst on active service in Slough Emergency Hospital. Aged 22

Able Seaman Stafford Malins, R.N., H.M.S. President III, on board SS Kohinur torpedoed 250 miles south of Freetown, South Atlantic. Aged 29

May 1941
Lieutenant Evan Hughes, RNVR, on board the cruiser HMS Gloucester, sunk off Crete. Aged 27

Surgeon Lieutenant James Fielding, R.N., on board the battle cruiser HMS Hood, sunk in the North Atlantic. Aged 30

Ordinary Seaman Thomas Nichols, RN, also on board HMS Hood. Aged 21

June 1941
Pilot Officer Robert Burleigh, RAF, 603 Squadron, Fighter Command, flying a Spitfire from RAF Hornchurch over Boulogne. Aged 28

Aug 1941
Pilot Officer Duncan Hobson, RAFVR, on board SS Aguila when it was torpedoed in a convoy off S W Ireland. Aged 27

Captain Ronald Bentley, 2nd Battalion Green Howards (Yorkshire Regiment). Madras, India. Aged 49

Sept 1941
Flight Sergeant Ralph Plaistowe, RAFVR, 83 Squadron, Bomber Command, piloting a Hampden on a raid to Cologne. Aged 29

Oct 1941
Second Lieutenant Kenneth Buttemer, Royal Artillery, 281 Battery Heavy Anti-Aircraft. Ismailia, Egypt. Aged 20

Nov 1941
Flight Lieutenant (Dr) Harold Mellows, RAFVR, 115 Squadron, Bomber Command, flying a Wellington on exercise from RAF Marham. Aged 31.

Flight Lieutenant Walker Blackden, RAFVR, 224 Squadron, Coastal Command, flying a Hudson off Norway from RAF Limavady, N Ireland. Aged 31

Second Lieutenant Alan Chapman, 2nd Battalion Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). Aged 21

Dec 1941
Pilot Officer George Eaton, RAFVR, 256 Night Fighter Squadron, killed when a Dominie aircraft on a Delivery Flight crashed in a storm near Ellesmere. Aged 20.

Those who died in 1942

Jan 1942
Ordinary Seaman Frederick Good, RN, on board the destroyer HMS Matabele sunk off Murmansk. Aged 19

Sub-Lieutenant (A) John Sidford, RNVR, Fleet Air Arm, on board SS Lady Hawkins off the cost of North Carolina. Aged 24

Second Lieutenant James Harrington, Royal Engineers (Royal Bombay Sappers and Miners). Singapore. Aged 34

Feb 1942
Pilot Officer George Martin, RAFVR, 137 Squadron, Fighter Command, flying a Whirlwind off Belgium during the ‘Channel Dash’. Aged 22

Major Alfred Stephen, 2nd Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment (Suffolk Regiment). Singapore. Aged 40

Second Lieutenant Clive Carver, 3rd Battalion 7th Gurkha Rifles. Rangoon, Burma. Aged 26

Mar 1942
Lieutenant John Kennett, 4th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment. Singapore. Aged 22

Second Lieutenant David Spittle, Royal Corps of Signals. Bralos, Greece. Aged 22

Apr 1942
Sub-Lieutenant (A) Robert Streatfeild, RNVR. 827 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, on air operations from the aircraft carrier HMS Indomitable in the Indian Ocean. Aged 21

Aircraftman 2nd Class Arthur Bryan-Brown, RAFVR, fell ill whilst on active service and died in hospital in St Albans. Aged 19

June 1942
Second Lieutenant Oliver Woods, 12th Battalion, Devonshire Regiment, died after an emergency operation in hospital in Bath. Aged 22

Lieutenant Gerald Kenyon, RNVR, on board the minesweeper HMS Gossamer, sunk by bombers in the Kola Inlet, Russia. Aged 23

Pilot Officer Adam Salaman, RAFVR, died in Andover. Aged 26.

July 1942
Tunku Bahauddin, a Malay civilian, died in Birmingham of injuries sustained in an air raid. Aged 21

Aug 1942
Flight Lieutenant Wilfred Cox, RAFVR, 201 Squadron, Coastal Command, flying a Sunderland from RAF Castle Archdale, Northern Ireland. Aged 26

Pilot Officer Kenneth Pierpoint, RAFVR, 605 Squadron, Fighter Command, flying a Havoc light bomber from RAF Ford. Aged 20.

Pilot Officer Dennis Pollock, RAFVR, 1435 Squadron flying a Spitfire from Luqa, Malta – El Alamein campaign. Aged 21

Oct 1942
Private James Howard-Clarke, 1/6th Battalion, The Queen’s Royal Regiment (West Surrey). El Alamein, Egypt. Aged 22

Lieutenant John Lawrance, Green Howards (Yorkshire Regiment), attached Royal Berkshire Regiment. El Alamein. Aged 21

Nov 1942
Sub-Lieutenant Dennis Barnard, RNVR, on board the escort carrier HMS Avenger (formerly the liner Rio Hudson) sunk off Gibraltar returning from Operation Torch. Aged 22.

Pilot Officer John Taylor, RAFVR, 16 Squadron, flying a Mustang on reconnaissance from RAF Weston Zoyland. Aged 21.

Those who died in 1943

Jan 1943
Sergeant Munro McKenzie, RAFVR, 9 Squadron, Bomber Command, in a Lancaster flying from RAF Waddington over Zutphen, Holland. Aged 19

Pilot Officer James Robinson, RAFVR, Khayat Beach, Haifa, Israel. Aged 21

Pilot Officer Hugh Bell, RAFVR, navigator/wireless operator with 264 Squadron Fighter Command, flying in a Mosquito from RAF Colerne. Aged 21

Feb 1943
Peter Turner, Civilian, killed in an air raid on Exmouth. Aged 18

Lieutenant-Colonel Lancelot Grove, Royal Engineers. Killed in a plane crash in Newfoundland, Canada. Aged 37

Sub-Lieutenant (A) William Browne, RNVR, Fleet Air Arm on board the aircraft carrier HMS Victorious in an air accident in the Pacific. Aged 23

Mar 1943
Sub-Lieutenant (A) Trevor Horsey, RNVR, Fleet Air Arm. Died in an air accident flying a Swordfish on exercise from HMS Landrail at Inskip. Aged 21

May 1943
Major Alfred Wallace, MC, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment. Medjez-el-Bab, near Tunis. Aged 36

Lieutenant Godfrey Walker, 8th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment (attached 7th Battalion Gold Coast Regiment, Royal West African Field Forces). Lafenwa, Ghana. Aged 22

June 1943
Flying Officer Michael Donaldson, RAFVR, 167 Squadron, Fighter Command, flying a Spitfire from RAF Digby, over Ghent, Belgium. Aged 21

Jul 1943
Sub-Lieutenant Michael Yeo, RN., on Board H.M. Motor Torpedo Boat 316, sunk off Sicily. Aged 23

Captain Maurice Cockin, Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, Royal Canadian Infantry Corps. Agira, Sicily. Aged 27

Aug 1943
Lieutenant Stephen Bonnett, Royal Artillery (54 Heavy Regiment), killed near Ulverston, Lancashire when a mine he was defusing exploded. Aged 27

Sept 1943
Lieutenant-Commander (E) Anthony Brown, R.N., on board the mine-laying cruiser HMS Abdiel, sunk off Taranto, Italy. Aged 40

Lieutenant John Hawkard, Royal Marines (No 41 Commando), at the Salerno landings, Italy. Aged 20

Ranald McDonald, Civilian, Assistant Manager of an import/export firm in Shanghai, at the Yangchow Internment Camp, China. Aged 62

Oct 1943
Sergeant Hugh Grundy, Schoolmaster, 2nd Selangor Battalion, Federated Malay States Volunteer Force, Chungkai-Burma Railway prisoner-of-war camp. Aged 35

Nov 1943
Flight Lieutenant David Smyth, D.F.C., RAFVR, 614 Squadron, Bomber Command, flying a Blenheim from Borizzo, Sicily. Aged 28

Captain Richard Allen, 6th Battalion, Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment. Sangro River, near Chieti, Italy. Aged 26

Sub-Lieutenant Lewis Jones, RNVR, on board HM Submarine Simoom, sunk in the Aegean. Aged 24

Dec 1943
Lieutenant-Commander John Cooper, RNVR, on board HM Trawler Rysa, sunk by a mine off Maddelena, Sardinia. Aged 31

Captain John Murdoch, Doctor, Royal Army Medical Corps. Kampala, Uganda. Aged 35

Lieutenant Kenneth Mackenzie, 2nd Battalion, Scots Guards. Naples, Italy. Aged 20

Wing Commander Patrick Hadow, RAF, 220 Squadron, Coastal Command, flying a Fortress from RAF Hagens, Azores. Aged 31

Those who died in 1944

Jan 1944
Lieutenant Randall Connop Price, 7th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment, member of 12 Commando, fell ill whilst on active service and died in Wrexham Emergency Hospital. Aged 21

Captain Martin Hawkin, 10th Battalion, 19th Hyderabad Regiment. Delhi, India. Aged 30

Lieutenant John Ashby, Royal Artillery, Royal North Devon Field Regiment. Caserta, Italy. Aged 20

Feb 1944
Lieutenant (E) Ian Adamson, RN, of the light cruiser HMS Uganda, of illness in Charleston Hospital, South Carolina. Aged 25

Captain Anthony Eyre, Royal Artillery (44LA Regiment). Rangoon, Burma. Aged 24

Captain John Handford, Royal Artillery, fell ill whilst on active service and died in Porth. Aged 51

Mar 1944
Lance-Corporal George Good, Intelligence Corps (91 Port Security Section, Liverpool), fell ill whilst on active service in Italy and died in Broadgreen Emergency Hospital, Liverpool. Aged 24

Squadron-Leader Peter Carpenter, RAF, 51 Squadron, Coastal Command, flying a Ventura from RAF Skilten on a meteorological flight. Aged 25

Apr 1944
Lieutenant John Black, 2nd Battalion Wiltshire Regiment. Anzio, Italy. Aged 27

Major William Towell, Royal Engineers (attached 68 Field Company Royal Indian Engineers). Imphal, Burma front. Aged 27

June 1944
Major John Jarmain, Royal Artillery (193 Battery, Anti-Tank Regiment). Rauville, Normandy Beaches. Aged 33

Jul 1944
Leading Aircraftman Ambrose Goddard, RAFVR. Metis Beach, Canada. Aged 19

Flying Officer Peter McIntosh, RAFVR, 207 Squadron, Bomber Command, flying a Lancaster returning from a raid over Donges, France, from RAF Spilsby. Aged 20.

Aug 1944
Lieutenant Gavin Galbraith, Royal Engineers (275 Field Company), Douvres, near Caen, Normandy. Aged 21

Captain Anthony Herbert, Royal Engineers, near Caen, Normandy. Aged 26

Sept 1944
Trooper Roger Rawlence, Royal Horse Guards, near Amiens, France. Aged 24

Lieutenant Donald Creaton, MC, 11th Hussars, Royal Armoured Corps. Croisette, France. Aged 23

Gunner Samuel Hetherington, Royal Artillery (86th Medium Regiment). near Leuven, Belgium. Aged 22

Captain John Henry, 10th Battalion Parachute Regiment, Army Air Corps. Arnhem, Holland. Aged 23

Flying Officer John Garvey, RAFVR, 48 Squadron, Transport Command flying a Dakota from RAF Down Ampney, Arnhem Campaign. Aged 21

Captain Kenneth Dimmer, South Staffs Regiment, attached 6th Battalion Green Howards. Arnhem, Holland. Aged 24

Oct 1944
Lieutenant Reginald Woods, Parachute Regiment, Army Air Corps. Hanover, Germany. Aged 25

Nov 1944
Sergeant Laurence Hyde, RAFVR, 70 Squadron, flying a Wellington from Cerignola, Italy. Aged 20

Dec 1944
Flying Officer Martin Bottomley, RAFVR, Navigator. Killed in a flying accident, Nicosia, Cyprus. Aged 22

Major Alfred Hesketh-Prichard, M.C., Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) attached to the Special Operations Executive. In Southern Austria, aged 28.

Flying Officer Henry Medrington, RAFVR, 57 Squardron, Bomber Command, flying a Lancaster over Munich from RAF East Kirkby. Aged 21

Those who died in 1945

Jan 1945
Lieutenant Eric Gardner, Royal Corps of Signals. Eindhoven, Holland. Aged 21

Lieutenant Brian Byrne, 2nd Battalion East Lancs Regiment. Near Rangoon, Burma. Aged 23

Feb 1945
Lieutenant Kenneth Jeavons, Royal Artillery (77 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment). Died of wounds, near Rangoon. Aged 24

Lieutenant Andrew Murdoch, Royal Engineers, attached Field Company Royal Indian Engineers. Near Rangoon. Aged 22

Acting Sub-Lieutenant Anthony Fahy, RNVR, on board the corvette HMS Bluebell torpedoed in the Arctic off Russia. Aged 19

Mar 1945
Lieutenant Peter Collins, M.C., Royal Marines (48 Commando) Bergen-op-Zoom, Holland. Aged 24

Lieutenant Maurice Hammond, Royal Engineers. Died of Malaria near Rangoon, Burma. Aged 21

Apr 1945
Flight Lieutenant Maurice Matthias, RAFVR, 112 Squadron, Fighter Command, flying a Mustang from Cervia, Italy, over Austria. Aged 28

Lieutenant William Hogg, Irish Guards, near Hanover, Germany. Aged 25

The memorial includes the names of 3 civilians whose exact date of death is unknown:-

John Sloan, thought to have died in air raid in 1940 aged about 27

Swee Cheng Liew, a Singaporean Civilian who died sometime during the Japanese occupation of Singapore, aged about 28

Eng Ann Tan a Singaporean civilian who died sometime during the Japanese occupation of Singapore, aged about 24

A number of men who died after the War either in accidents or of disease on active service or as a result of wounds are included in the Memorial:-

In 1945
Flight Lieutenant Geoffrey Edwards, RAFVR. Jakarta, Indonesia, aged 22

Lieutenant John Sayers (Royal Engineers (attached 71st Field Company Indian Engineers). Killed by an Indonesian nationalist, Jakarta, Indonesia, aged 21.

In 1946
Lieutenant Geoffrey Hobson. Intelligence Corps, fell ill whilst on active service and died in the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford. Aged 26

Air Commodore Edward Hopkins, RAF. Aged 42

Sub-Lieutenant Napier Whitcroft, RN, Fleet Air Arm, flying a Spitfire in Northern Ireland. Aged 21

In 1947
Flying Officer John Herrington, RAFVR, 85 Squadron, Fighter Command, flying a Mosquito from RAF West Malling. Aged 23

Pilot Officer Kenneth Turner, RAFVR, 286 Squadron, RAF Regiment, killed in a flying accident. Munster, Germany. Aged 21

In 1948
Flying Officer Neville Cornwall, RAF, killed in a flying accident off Gozo, Malta. Aged 22

In 1949
The Reverend George Boddy, former Chaplain to the Forces, aged 56