A list of advowsons belonging to Queens’ College:

1460: The Rectory of St. Botolph’s, Cambridge, was purchased by Queens’ from Corpus Christi College. (Andrew Docket, first President, was the incumbent at the time).

1477: The Rectory of Foulmire, in Cambridgeshire, was given to Queens’ by Richard, Duke of Gloucester; but this grant was resumed by King Henry VII.

1491?: The perpetual nomination to the Rectory of St. Andrew’s, Canterbury, was procured for Queens’ by the Lady Joan Ingaldesthorpe from the abbot and convent of St Augustine: but the College has not exercised its nomination since the Dissolution of Monasteries. The final presentation from Queens’ was John Cook (or Cokke, Cocke, Cockes, Cockys, Cocks, Cox) in 1521. He was a Fellow 1510–​1522, died 1544. The original church was demolished in 1763, rebuilt on another site, consecrated 1774, closed in the 1880s, and demolished in 1956 [Historic Canterbury].

1560: The Vicarage of Oakington, Cambridgeshire, was purchased by this College, with the Manor, from Anthony Pope. The Manor and Vicarage were formerly held by Crowland (or Croyland) Abbey. Following the dissolution of the abbey, the Crown in 1544 sold the Manor and Vicarage to a syndicate of 13 Londoners. By 1549, it appears that Anthony Pope had become the sole owner. [Victoria History: Oakington Manors] 

1572: The Rectory of Eversden Parva, Cambridgeshire, was given to Queens’ by Mr. John Chetham, of Great Livermere, Suffolk.

1637?: The Rectory of Cheverel Magna, Wiltshire, was given to Queens’ by Bishop John Davenant. See 1774 for disposal.

1637: The Rectory of Newton Toney, Wiltshire, was given to Queens’ by Bishop John Davenant.

1676?: The Rectory of Hickling, Nottinghamshire, was given to Queens’ by Mrs. Sarah Bardsey, widow of Dr. Edmund Bardsey, Fellow of this College 1608–​1613, Rector of Hickling from 1617, resigned sometime, died 1653. (Hickling Church History)

1734: The Rectory of South Walsham, Norfolk, was purchased by this College with several benefactions: of which, those of Richard Bryan, D. D., Vice-President of this College (died 1680); John Hayes, D. D., Vice-President (died 1731); and Ralph Perkins, D. D., Fellow of this College, and Prebendary of Ely (died 1751);—were the principal.

1734: According to the 1823 Form for the Commemoration of Benefactors, the Rectory of Rockland St. Peter’s Norfolk was purchased with the same benefactions. However, all other evidence points to Queens’ being patrons of Rockland St Mary Norfolk. The advowson of Rockland St Mary was sold by Queens’ College on 1 January 1885 to J. Hotblack, Esq., for £3000.

1736: The Rectory of Sandon, Essex, was presented to Queens’ by Mrs. Mary Buck, widow, died 1710; who had formerly been married to Ralph Davenant, died 1681, son of Edward Davenant, Fellow of this College 1615–​1625, died 1680.

1774: The Rectory of Seagrave, Leicestershire, was obtained from William, Earl of Radnor in exchange (facilitated by Act of Parliament 14 Geo. 3 c. 41) for the Rectory of Cheverel Magna, Wiltshire (see 1637). The advowson of Seagrave was sold by Queens’ College in 1884 to the incumbent, the Revd James Edward Dalton (c.1808–​1889), for £1500. Dalton was a Queens’ alumnus: matric. 1826, B.A. 1830, Fellow 1832–​52, Vice-President 1847–​52.

1779: The Rectory of Grimstone, Norfolk, was purchased with money left by Henry James, D. D., President 1675–1717 in his will.

1841: According to external histories, the Rectory of Bow Brickhill, Buckinghamshire, was in the gift of Queens’ College from 1841 to 1892. The advowson of Bow Brickhill was sold by Queens’ College in 1883 to O.L. Fowke for £2000.