John Hall: Shakespeare’s son-in-law

John Hall matriculated at Queens’ College Cambridge in the Michaelmas Term 1589, graduated B.A. in 1593/4, and M.A. 1597 (as Hale). He married Susanna, daughter of the playwright William Shakespeare, 1607 June 5.

He became a successful physician, practising around Stratford-upon-Avon, and kept case notes. In later life, he prepared the case-notes for publication in Latin. After his death in 1635, his widow sold his manuscript to James Cooke (1614–​88), who translated the case-notes into English and published them as Select Observations on English Bodies of Eminent Persons in Desperate Diseases in 1657, with further editions in 1679 and 1683: evidence of demand for them.

The reputation that Hall enjoys today, thanks to the continuing interest in his published case-notes, would be just as strong had he not been related to the playwright, but he is fated for ever to be referred to as: Shakespeare’s son-in-law.

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