Chapel and spiritual life in Queens'

The Chapel

The Chapel is a place of Christian worship and all are welcome.  The majority of the services follow the liturgy of the Church of England.  The Chapel is not trying to be a Parish Church but a place of prayer, contemplation and worship for those (like very busy students) whose lives do not always respond to the timetables set out by parish churches.  The Chapel is a place where we can all be challenged to question what is right and wrong, but more importantly it is an inclusive place where diversity is respected, embraced and encouraged.

One of the greatest acts of worship for any Christian is that of prayer.  Morning and Evening Prayer are the foundations of a praying community.  As everyone's lives and timetables vary, these services will be regularly said in the Chapel by the Chaplain but there will be resources for all to use to pray with him; wherever and whenever they can.  If you are interested in this quiet, consistent and obedient discipline please speak to the Chaplain.

All members of the College, parents, visitors and member of the public are welcome at all of our services.  Please do think about coming to experience something new, ask the big questions, take some quiet time to take stock and pray.  All are welcome in Queens’ Chapel.

We hope to see you at our services this term, further information is available in our termcard and music list.

Who's Who

The Dean of Chapel: The Reverend Tim Harling (tch42) is available to students, staff and fellows throughout the year.  Do feel free to drop in and see him to talk about anything - big or small - in a confidential, supportive and inclusive environment.  He can be found in his room (Cloister 2, Cloister Court), in Chapel or by email. 

The Chaplain: The Reverend Max Bayliss (mtb52) is the new Chaplain joining the College this term. Max is available to students of all faiths and none. He is also member of the welfare team. Please contact him via email. Whilst the Chapel is at the heart of the College, Queens’ is incredibly diverse. If you come from a different faith or tradition please still contact Max. Part of his role is enabling, encouraging and supporting all Queens’ students to allow them to practice their faith. He can direct or accompany you as needed, advise on college dietary requirements and address any concerns you may have.

College Catechist: Dr Elizabeth Powerll, Divinity Faculty and Durham University based in Cambridge.

Fellow Commoner advising in Music: Dr Ralph Allwood works with the Organ Scholars to ensure continuity in delivery of music to the highest standard now, and training musicians and choristers for the future.

Aliki Vatikioti Senior Organ Scholar: Mr Robin Pillinger

Choir Administrator: Mr Ed Stubbs

Sacristans: Dr Charlie Bell, Mr William Ackernley, Mr Paul Norris, Mr Edward Reeve, Ms Blandine Jacquet, Ms Clara-Ann Cheng

Christian Union Rep: Ms Izzy Montgomery

Fisher House Rep: Paul Norris

Publicity Officers: Ms Rebecca Nichols and Ms Megan Webb