Pastoral Services


Queens’ College Chapel is the private chapel of the College community, and does not function as a parish church. Couples wishing to be married in the College Chapel should contact the Chaplain in the first instance to arrange a conversation.

Queens' College Chapel Cambridge, South Door

All marriage ceremonies taking place in Chapel must be conducted according to the rites of the Church of England (using the liturgy provided either in Common Worship or the Book of Common Prayer) and be conducted by an Anglican priest. It is not possible to have a civil marriage ceremony in Chapel, though civil ceremonies are permitted in other licensed parts of Queens' College. 

The legal means through which couples can be married in Chapel is via an Archbishop's Special Licence. This requires that the couple has a demonstrable connection to the College community as a current or former member, and good reason for seeking to be married here, rather than in their local parish church, or another church to which they have a qualifying connection (e.g. through residence or family links). The Governing Body has agreed that the following categories of members may be considered eligible to be married at Queens' Chapel (presuming one or both parties meets the criteria):

  1. Members of College (current and alumni) 
  2. Current members of Staff
  3. The children of Fellows and Fellow Commoners

The Special Licence application process takes a minimum of three months, after negotiations with the Chaplain have been agreed.

We will always do our best to accommodate weddings as far as possible, but please note that it is not possible to hold ceremonies during the exam period in Easter Term (late April to mid June), and that available dates at other times of year may be limited. Couples are advised to contact the Chaplain as early as possible to discuss their preferred dates.

Please contact the Conference Office directly for details of catering options and availability.

Wedding Blessings

A wedding blessing service gives couples who are already married the opportunity to reflect prayerfully on the vows they have made to each other, and to ask God's blessing on their relationship. It may be particularly appropriate for couples for whom a civil marriage ceremony is most appropriate for legal or other reasons. Please contact the Chaplain for further information.

Wedding Anniversaries

Couples who were married in Chapel, and other current members who wish to celebrate a significant anniversary (e.g. Silver, Ruby, Golden or Diamond) are welcome to contact the Chaplain to enquire about the possibility of holding a service of thanksgiving in Chapel.


Baptism requests will be considered on a case by case basis at the Chaplain and the Dean of Chapel's discretion. Please direct all enquiries to the Chaplain in the first instance.


It is very unusual for funerals to take place in Chapel, which is part of a working college and a residential community. Special arrangements may be made to hold the funeral of a Fellow, member with a close current connection to College life, current student or member of staff, if circumstances permit. The Chaplain should be consulted in the first instance, and at the earliest opportunity.

Memorial Services

Memorial services may be arranged in Chapel for recently departed Fellows, current Students and Staff. Memorial services for Alumni are held only in exceptional circumstances.