Pastoral Services


Queens’ College Chapel is not a parish church and is, essentially, the private chapel of the College community. Couples wishing to be married in the College Chapel must, therefore, obtain a Special Licence from the Archbishop of Canterbury, if the marriage is to be recognised by the State. Forms of application are available from the Dean of Chapel.

The Registrar of the Archbishop, who is responsible for decisions on all such applications, is unlikely to give permission for a marriage ceremony in Chapel unless one of the parties is a member, in some way, of the College community.  All such marriage ceremonies have to be according to the rites of the Church of England or another church of the Anglican Communion and to be conducted by an Anglican Minister.

The Governing Body has set down guidelines for those entitled to be married in the Chapel:

  1. Members of the College (both Old and Present)
  2. Current Members of Staff
  3. The children of Fellows and Fellow Commoners

Couples interested in getting married in Queens’ Chapel should consult the Chaplain of College in the first instance. There are 10-14 marriages each year in Chapel and so it is not always possible to arrange weddings on a particular date, especially at short notice.

It might be possible to arrange the Blessing of a Civil Marriage (within the rules of the Church of England). This is applied for via the Chaplain.

Wedding Receptions can be arranged in College – please consult the Catering department.

Wedding anniversaries

It may be possible to arrange services in Chapel to celebrate events such as a Silver, Golden, or Diamond Wedding, etc. The couple must have some real connection with the College.


Baptism requests will be considered on a case by case basis at the Chaplain and the President's discretion. Please direct all enquiries to the Chaplain in the first instance.


It is very unusual for funerals to take place in College, but the funeral of someone with a close connection with the College (a Fellow or a Member who lives locally or has had an important role in the College, a current student, a Member of Staff, the Spouse of a Fellow, for instance) can be arranged. Please contact the Chaplain of College.

Memorial Services

Memorial Services for Fellows or Fellow Commoners or for other Members of Queens’ who have been University Officers can be arranged.