Queens'  has its own small nursery which is based at Owlstone Croft in Newnham for children from 3 months to school age.

Owlstone Croft is situated on a large site with adequate parking and extensive grounds and the nursery has its own purpose-built extensive garden which was built in 2015.  This new building enables the Nursery to accommodate up to a maximum of 25 children. 

There are three rooms for the children; the baby room, which includes children under the age of two years; the toddler room for two year olds and the pre-school room for three to four year olds. Each room has free-flow between indoors and outdoors. The children come together for outside play, walks celebrations and other fun activities. In addition, the facilities include a kitchen, laundry, office, staffroom, shower room and dedicated reception area to welcome the children. All areas have been designed specifically to each age group and to cater for all abilities, including those with special educational needs and / or disabilities.

The Nursery serves the Fellows, staff and students of Queens’ College, as well as the outside community - all are welcome subject to availability - please note we are often full and even Queens' members cannot always be guaranteed a place. 

The Nursery is open daily from 8.30am - 5pm, with children attending a variety of sessions, depending on each family’s individual needs.  The Nursery is open all-year round, with the exception of bank holidays.

For further information please contact the Nursery Manager: Abi Stannard on 01223 335623, email: