The Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance of the buildings and their infrastructure.

The Department is located at Q1 (Dokett building) and is headed by the Head of Maintenance, Mr Steve Pauley.

Defects in the buildings or the services of the rooms, staircases or any other parts of the College should be reported immediately to maintenance either by e-mail ( or by phone to 01223 335 513. In an emergency outside working hours, please contact the Porters' Lodge on 01223 335 511.

It is particularly important to report any defect which could be a safety hazard. In these circumstances please write ‘SAFETY HAZARD’ in capitals in the subject line of your email. In an emergency, the Porters can call the maintenance staff by mobile phone. The College is also anxious to repair water leaks, dripping taps, and overflows as soon as possible.

The maintenance email system is tracked. You will receive an automatic response to your report, and you should receive a further email when the defect has been fixed. If repairs are held up you should receive an email explaining this within three working days of your report. If you receive no such responses after three working days, you may escalate the issue to the Head of Maintenance. Once you receive the email reporting that the defect has been fixed, your report is considered to be closed. If, after that, the defect has not been remedied, or it reappears, please report it again.


Deputy Head of Maintenance
Head of Maintenance