Queen Mary’s visit to Queens’ 1920

The following report is taken from The Dial No. 36, 1920 Easter Term, p. 10:

On Monday, May 10, Her Majesty the Queen, Princess Mary, Prince Albert, Prince Henry and Prince George paid an unexpected visit to the College, so unexpected that the first information that the President received was that “Her Majesty the Queen is in the Court and wishes to see the Lodge.”

The President had the privilege of conducting the Royal Party through the Lodge. Her Majesty spent some twenty minutes in the house and even viewed the Hall from the peep-hole in the study and went into the wig-room by the river. The visitors arrived by the Dockett Gate from King’s and so they left by the College Gate. Her Majesty was pleased to say that she was delighted with her visit.

The President was interested to hear a few days later from an unofficial source that what had pleased Her Majesty most on her visit to Cambridge on May 10, was the Lodge at Queens’.


Prince Albert (included in the visiting party), in 1923, married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. In 1936, they became King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, after the abdication of Albert’s elder brother Edward VIII. In 1948, Queen Elizabeth assumed the title Patroness of Queens’ College, as part of the college’s quincentenary celebrations.