Library rules

  • The Library is primarily for the use of current members of Queens’ College.  Old members are welcome to use the Library for reference purposes by appointment, as are visiting scholars and students from other Cambridge colleges who have a specific need.
  • Drinks are allowed in the Library as long as they are within non-spillable containers (no open mugs). No food is allowed.
  • Phone conversations are not allowed in any part of the Library, including the stairs and the lobby.
  • As in all other parts of College, smoking is not allowed.
  • Removing books that are not issued will be regarded as theft and attract disciplinary action.
  • Books must not be marked and damage to books will incur the cost of replacement.
  • The Library has a security system and readers are required to enter details of alarm incidents in a logbook at the Issue desk.
  • Library desks cannot be reserved and may be cleared, especially at busy times, if left unattended for excessive periods.