New students

Welcome to Queens' College.

If you are bringing your own computer, for use in your room and around College, then this resource will help you get started.

  • The College recommends that Windows users install either Microsoft Security Essentials, which is free for individual use, or install McAfee Enterprise from the free USB stick on arrival.
  • Apple Mac users can download an Anti-Virus program once they have arrived in College eithe online or from the USB stick on arrival.
  • Linux users are expected to support themselves.
  • The College supplies 2m network cables in your room on arrival, these can be exchanged for longer cables, subject to availability.
  • Once you have your computer connected, follow the instructions to configure your devices for Windows or Apple devices, then visit this page to get connected.
  • You should bring your own Operating System installation CD's/DVD's, and any other installation disks for any software you have installed, in case you require help by the College IT Department.
  • You should read the Terms and Conditions and the section regarding Network Traffic