Configuring Windows

These instructions illustrate the steps necessary to configure your computer for use on the College Network, and subsequently, the Cambridge University Data Network.

You might need your Windows installation CD-ROM during this process.

All computers on the College Network must have a fully functioning Anti-Virus program installed and configured to update itself daily. An Anti-Virus program can be obtained free from the Microsoft Website or from the free USB stick.

  1. Configuring your settings.

When you have completed the instructions above, connect your computer to the College network with an Etherent lead.

Open a web browser and attempt to connect to any website.

Your connection will be intercepted, and you will be redirected to the page below.

Click on;

1st link if you are a Fresher
2nd link if you already have or have just received a Raven password
3rd link if you have a user name and password issued by the IT department
4th link if you are a visitor and are paying by card

Firerack will issue you with an IP address for use on the College Network, this address will stay with you (Students only) until either you leave College accommodation with supported Etherent socket or you no longer wish to use the College Network.

When you have completed the registration process and can connect to the Internet, do a full system update, Operating System, Anti-Virus, Browser and Adobe, to give your computer maximum protection.