Computer Room FAQ

The Computer Room is part of the University MCS (Managed Cluster Service).

A few points of relevance:

  • Online information about the MCS can be found at
  • From 2014, the University Information Service will be using a single password for all systems.
  • If you have forgotten your Password, the IT Department (Essex 6) can reset it for you. You will need to bring your University Card as evidence of identity, to get a new password issued to you.
  • When logging on, please wait until the Message of the Day appears before trying to launch any MCS applications. Configuration of the machine is not complete until that message appears. When you have read the Message of the Day, you can close that window. Then click on Start and select Programs and Information.
  • Queens' will continue with its policy of providing free mono printing, provided:
    • the users provide their own paper to load into the printer;
    • the service is not abused. The free printing service is provided only for single copies of material relevant to your academic study or the administration of college clubs. If you want multiple copies, please print a single copy and then use a photocopier.
    • printer paper usage is now being logged against your userid, even though no charges are being made.
  • Colour printing is now available in the Computer Room, charged at 15p per side.
  • Societies and clubs who want a group file-space will need to apply to the Computing Service for a group filespace allocation.
  • Printing is now available from your College room.