College Computer Room

Queens' College Computer Room is centrally located in the Essex building and is accessible 24 hours a day using the University Card. This facility is part of the Universities MCS.

The Computer Room has 4 PCs running a wide variety of software, (but is limited to one user at present), ranging from general 'office' type applications to course specific software.

A second Computer Room is located on the main site in the Solarium, which has 4 PC's.

There is another Computer Room located at Owlstone Croft in A Block. This facility is also part of the Computing Service MCS. This room has 6 PC's.

All the computers are networked to the Cambridge University Data Network (and thereby to JANET, the UK academic backbone, and the world-wide Internet) at ethernet speeds. All Queens' students are registered to use these machines.

There is a single MFD in the central Computer Room, the Solarium and the Computer Room at Owlstone Croft.

The MFD is chargeable, and is part of the Common Balance scheme run by Desktop Services, part of the University Computing Service. Accounts will need to be credited before you can print to the Colour printers using the eCredit system.

The College will be supplying the paper, so if the paper runs out over the weekend, the Porters Lodge have keys.

The College employs two full-time Computer Officers who are on-hand to answer any problems or queries. There is a growing library of documentation relating to the use of College machines, including the Queens' Computer Room FAQ - a guide to using the facilities at Queens'.