Network Traffic Charge

Students should be aware that all network traffic, to and from their computers, where the origin and destination is outside of the CUDN (Cambridge), is chargeable and that there are NO free periods of use.

Users will be given a quota of 30GB per day, warning emails will be sent, if you go over that amount.

To view your current network usage statistics please log into and choose 'Traffic Statistics'.

The main culprits for large Network Traffic are File Sharing programs.
These include, but are not limited to, Skype, Napster, iTunes, Real Player streaming, Limewire, eDonkey, 4OD (Channel 4 On-Demand), 4OD Streaming, BBC iPlayer and BBC iPlayer Streaming.

NOTE: Data can still be transferred from your computer if it is left idle during the day or overnight, especially if you have any file sharing program installed AND it is still connected to the network AND you have downloaded any sharable data.

If you are incurring heavy network traffic, and are not sure why, disconnect your computer from the network and consult the Computer Officer immediately.