Queens' College Rugby Club


Mike Gibson MBE (1963, Ireland & Lions); John Spencer (1967, England & Lions); Jamie Roberts (2015, Wales & Lions);

Geoff Frankcom (1961, England); Jacko Page (1967, England)

Mike Biggar MBE (1968, Scotland); James Horwill (2019, Australia); Flip van der Merwe (2019, South Africa)


Phil Mulligan (1989) & Bianca Sainty (1994)


Robert Gall (1989) & Fiona Gillanders (2009)


Mr Rowan Kitt  development.director@queens.cam.ac.uk

The Club is supported by The John Spencer Fund - all donations to this are welcome.
The QCRFC President can claim reimbursement of team expenses through this Fund, by completing the application form and returning it to development.director@queens.cam.ac.uk


President: Matthew Warren mw821@cam.ac.uk                                      Women's President: 

Men's Captain 2022-23: James Onley-Gregson  jafo2@cam.ac.uk         Women's Captain

Men's Vice-Captain:  

Social Sec: Ollie Mills om349@cam.ac.uk

Current International players: Toby Flood (England)

Former International players: Jamie Roberts (Wales & Lions), Mike Gibson (Ireland & Lions), John Spencer (England & Lions), David Marques (England & Lions), John Sanders (Nigeria), Mike Biggar (Scotland), Jacko Page (England), Geoff Frankcom (England), Charles “Boomer” Nicholl (Wales), Pat Sykes (England), NC Fletcher (England), Thomas Gibson (England), Barry Holmes (England & Argentina); Ollie Phillips (England 7s); Charlie Amesbury (England 7s), James Horwill (Australia); Flip van der Merwe (South Africa)

Current Blues: Toby Flood (England) - captain CURUFC 2022-23

Men's Cuppers Champions: 1966, 1968, 1970                                Women's Cuppers & League Champions: 2003

Men's League Champions: 1963 & 2022

Men's Cuppers Runners-up: 1946, 1947, 1948, 1969, 1985, 2018

Queens’ College Rugby Union Football Club encompass both a Men’s and Women’s rugby union team, which compete in the College rugby leagues. The Club structure sees it headed by a President who is aided in its day-to-day running by both the Men’s and Women’s Captains.  A College Fellow acts as Fellow Patron to oversee the long term continuity of the club. Additional Honorary Patrons are invited to serve five year terms. 

We aim to:

  • Be inclusive of all ages, genders and abilities.

  • Actively promote Queens’ Rugby to potential applicants, offer holders and current students. An appointed MCR officer will promote rugby to MCR students. 

  • Create enjoyment on and off the pitch for every member of the Club through a range of social events held throughout the year including the Rugby Dinner. 

  • Encourage players to further their rugby careers by training or playing at University level. 

  • Encourage alumni involvement in the Club through regular results updates and events such as the alumni match.

  • Continuously improve, grow and review as a club.





Above: The 1963 Queens' Team that became League champions.