Queens' College Rugby Club


Mike Gibson (1963 Queens', Ireland & Lions), John Spencer (1967 Queens', England & Lions), Jamie Roberts (2015 Queens', Wales & Lions)


Robert Gall (1989) & Fiona Gillanders (2009)


Mr Rowan Kitt      development.director@queens.cam.ac.uk

The Club is supported by The John Spencer Fund - all donations to this are welcome.


President: Callum Macdonald cam233@cam.ac.uk            

Men's Captain: Tim Pearson tp421@cam.ac.uk                Women's Captain: Bluebell Nicholls vkbn2@cam.ac.uk

Men's Vice-Captain: James Lloyd jl2009@cam.ac.uk       Women's President: Elin Falla ekf32@cam.ac.uk

Current International players:  Ollie Phillips (England 7s); Charlie Amesbury (England 7s)

Former International players: Jamie Roberts (Wales & Lions), Mike Gibson (Ireland & Lions), John Spencer (England & Lions), David Marques (England & Lions), John Sanders (Nigeria), Mike Biggar (Scotland), Jacko Page (England), Geoff Frankcom (England), Charles “Boomer” Nicholl (Wales), Pat Sykes (England), NC Fletcher (England), Thomas Gibson (England), Barry Holmes (England & Argentina)

Current Blues:  Nick Koster (capt CURUFC 2018); Charlotte Spruzen

Current University players: Fred Jennings (U20s), Callum Macdonald (LXs), Gus Muchado (U20s, LXs), Elin Falla (Tigers)

Men's Cuppers Champions: 1966, 1968, 1970                                  Women's Cuppers & League Champions: 2003

Queens’ College Rugby Union Football Club encompass both a Men’s and Women’s rugby union team, which compete in the College rugby leagues. The Club structure sees it headed by a President who is aided in its day-to-day running by both the Men’s and Women’s Captains. An external coach will oversee, where possible, training of both teams once or twice a week with matches being played at the weekends. A College Fellow will act as Fellow Patron to oversee the long term continuity of the club. Additional Honorary Patrons, whose role is currently being developed, will be invited to serve five year terms. 

We aim to:

  • Be inclusive of all ages, genders and abilities.

  • Actively promote Queens’ Rugby to potential applicants, offer holders and current students. An appointed MCR officer will promote rugby to MCR students. 

  • Create enjoyment on and off the pitch for every member of the Club through a range of social events held throughout the year including the Rugby Dinner. 

  • Encourage players to further their rugby careers by training or playing at University level. 

  • Encourage alumni involvement in the Club through regular results updates and events such as the alumni match.

  • Continuously improve, grow and review as a club.

Current players for QCRFC can claim for reimbursement of expenses thanks to the generous support of the John Spencer Fund. To do so, please download and complete this form and return it, along with receipts, to Mr Rowan Kitt.