Queens' College Cricket Club

Hon Life Patrons:

Dr Geoff Cook (1955): Cambridge University & Kent

Mr John Spencer (1969): Cambridge University & Sussex

Mr Nick Cosh (1965): Cambridge University & Surrey

With the outbreak of COVID-19 and students unable to come into residence for the Easter term, when cricket season exclusively takes place, there has been no cricket this year and by extension no captains.

JCR Captain 2020-21:

MCR Captain 2018-19 & 2020-21: Aaron Briggs

The Club runs a JCR XI and an MCR XI in both the Cuppers and League competitions. Please note that, as there is not a separate women's cricket competition, women are warmly invited to play equally for their respective JCR/MCR teams.

Fellow Patron: Prof Richard Rex rawr1@cam.ac.uk

Cuppers Champions: 1965. Runners-up: 1980, 2016

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