Queens' Distinguished Lecture in Law

The Queens’ Distinguished Lecture in Law is an annual event which invites members of the College and distinguished guests to the most advanced thinking on the law.

The speaker for the eighth Lecture in Law on Wednesday 21st February 2024 was The Rt Hon. Lady Vivien Rose of Colmworth DBE PC, a Justice of the Supreme Court and member of the Privy Council. The 2023 lecture was postponed due to the sudden passing of Dr Emily Webster, Director of Studies in Land Economy.

 The lecture was recorded for the Queens' law community via the below link.

In conjunction with the lecture series, Redress Solutions PLC sponsored several prizes and a studentship for meritorious graduate and undergraduate students, courtesy of Mr Marius Nasta (Queens’ LLM, 1990) and Mr Michael Zuckerman, awarded by Lady Rose.


Watch the 2023 Lecture

Previous Lectures:

2023 - The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council: “relic of empire” or “useful body”?'  Speaker: Lady Rose of Colmworth DBE PC.

2022 - "Citadels of the Law: Law Schools and the Defence of Doctrine". Speaker: Professor Richard Fentiman KC.

2021 - "Does English law have a problem with dignity?". Speaker: Lady Arden of Heswall DBE.

2019  "What does it mean? Some thoughts on interpretation".  Speaker: Lord Justice Newey.

2018 – "The Rule of Law: Survival in the Post-Modern World".  Speaker: The Rt. Hon. Beverley McLachlin, P.C Chief Justice of Canada (2000-2017).

2017 – "The effects of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 - has it strengthened or weakened our constitution?".  Speaker: Lord Falconer of Thoroton.

2016 – "Patel v. Mirza - Illegality and Restitution explained by the Supreme Court".  Speaker: Lord Grabiner KC.

2015 – "The Right to Live and the Right to Die".  Speaker: Baroness Hale of Richmond