Queens' Library Christmas arrangements & vacation loans

Christmas is coming up fast and, though this is likely to be a different kind of holiday than we're used to, Queens' Library's arrangements remain mostly the same.

Vacation loans will be activated on Thursday 26th November and to keep books you already have out on loan, all you will have to do is renew them on that date through your Library Account on iDiscover. If you need books that are on the shelves, then please come and pick them up from the Library on that date as well. The due date of all books renewed or taken out on or after Thursday 26th November will be Wednesday 20th January.

There are two important bits of information to bear in mind about this policy:

  • If you have already used up all your renewals (i.e. you have had your books for 28 days) then you won’t be able to renew your books online. If you still wish to keep your books over the holidays, you will need to bring them into the Library to be re-issued. You can return and re-borrow the books yourself using our self-service machine.
  • Books that you already have out on loan can still be requested up until 26th November. If one of your books has been requested before that date, you will not be able to renew it and you will need to return it to the Library by the due date, or you will be fined at the rate of 50p per book per day.

You will still be able to request books through iDiscover during the vacation, but any requests made after 26th November will not be due back until 20th January.

So to keep your books for the holidays, please remember to renew them through iDiscover on Thursday 26th November.

The Library and Old Hall will be open throughout the Christmas period from 7am to 2am, although the Library will not be staffed between 23rd December and 3rd January. Library staff will return on Monday 4th January. The Armitage Room, Old Kitchens and Munro Room will be closed from 20th December to 3rd January due to reduced numbers of Housekeeping staff available. There is no need to book a study space over the vacation period.

Please contact Library staff if you have any questions: library@queens.cam.ac.uk

Best wishes for a happy and relaxed vacation period,

Tim, Lucy, Lise, Harry and Lucille

Queens’ Library Team