Old Library's Enslavement & Salvation at Queens' exhibition re-opens 6-31 March for Festival of Cambridge

The Old Library will be open 1.30-4.30pm, Monday-Friday, 6-31 March (and until 7pm on the 23rd), for the Cambridge Festival - all are welcome! Explore our current exhibition, Enslavement & Salvation at Queens' College, focusing on the lives and careers of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century college members, and their interactions with enslavement, missionary Christianity and the Atlantic world.

Entry is free, and access is via the War Memorial Library. Non-college members can enter through the Visitors' Gate on Queens' Lane or the Porter's Lodge on Silver Street.

A 15-minute curator’s talk about the exhibition and the college’s legacies of enslavement will take place in the Old Library at 1.30pm each Wednesday.

The exhibition is now also available online together with data collected during the course of the college's Legacies of Enslavement investigation.